There’s nothing quite as exciting as exploring a new place with your trusty, furry friend!

Even so, getting there can be the opposite of fun-- car travel might take too long while flying can be tough on your pet.

No worries! It’s possible for you and your dog to enjoy a stress-free flight.  Here are 9 tips to help make flying easier.

Book Early

Most airlines have a limit for the number of dogs allowed on each flight. Make sure to book a place for your pet several months in advance. This also gives you time to prepare your pet for any requirements that the airline might have.

Take Your Pet for a Checkup

Make sure that your pooch is up-to-date with all vaccinations and that she is in good physical shape to fly.

You may also need to get a health certification from your veterinarian within ten days of your departure so make sure to schedule that appointment and pencil it into your calendar!

Acclimate Your Pet to The Carrier Ahead of Time

Purchase a kennel or carrier well before the trip so that your dog can get used to it.

You want your dog to think of the carrier as a safe place to rest or just hang out-- not as a punishment.

Give your pet as many positive associations as possible with the carrier by feeding him in it and leaving his favorite toys in it with him while you’re at home.

Choose the Right Pet Carrier

No matter the size of your dog, there is a perfect pet carrier out there just for her.

If you’re planning to bring the dog along with you under the seat, a soft-sided carrier is best.

To ride in the cargo hold, your dog will need a hard-sided carrier.

Be sure to carefully check the airline’s regulations about carriers ahead of time.

Go for a Long Walk Before Leaving Home

Your dog will be more comfortable during the flight if he’s able to do his necessary business beforehand

That means feeding him about four hours before the flight, and then taking him for a good long walk so he can relieve himself before you’re trapped in the air.

Use Pet Relief Stations When You Can

Many airports now offer pet relief stations. Before you leave, find these on a map so you can take full advantage of them before the flight and during layovers.

Get to The Airport Early

This gives you and your pet time to safely and comfortably navigate the airport. If available, take advantage of early boarding with your pet. This way you will have plenty of time to make sure your dog is going to be comfortable and will help avoid throngs of people waiting to board that can make some dogs a bit anxious.

Have Fun Exploring Your Destination

As soon as you arrive, take your dog for a long walk in your destination city. This allows your pet to relax and begin getting used to the place that’s going to be his home for the next few days. Another way to get your pet acclimated? Bring along your SlumberPod Pet! This will allow you to recreate a safe, dark, and comfortable sleeping space for your pup no matter what your accommodations may look like. 

Traveling with a dog can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips and get ready for you and your pet to have the adventure of a lifetime.

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December 29, 2020