This year has been wild, and for some us, our pup was our only safe companion for months!

In an otherwise dark year, the love of a pet has mattered more than ever.

If you're looking for something to spoil your dog (or surprise a favorite pet owner), look no further! We have all of our favorite products linked below for easy and stress-free shopping by category:


If the pup doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps! Give the gift of silent nights with these products that will help everybody relax when it comes to bedtime.

Thundershirt - If you have an anxious pup, Thundershirt is a must-have! This ingenious design provides gentle pressure to help your dog relax and feel secure, even if New Year's Eve fireworks are booming outside!

PupProtector waterproof throw blanket - This blanket is stylish, waterproof AND machine washable to create a cozy spot for Fido without sacrificing your furniture or aesthetic. 

The Comfort+ anti-anxiety dog bed - The best bet for a skittish pup is a comforting place to lay their head. This extra plush dog bed made with minky material allows dogs of all sizes to relax.

Honest Paws Calm treats - Sometimes your pup may need an extra nudge to soothe him to sleep. These organic and non-GMO treats provide full-spectrum hemp to help your pet chill. 

PupPillow memory foam pillow - Many dogs suffer from joint problems, especially as they age. This memory foam pillow is a pressure-relieving solution for aching joints.

SlumberPod Pet - Does your pup need darkness to sleep, or simply prefer their own comforting space to retreat when overwhelmed? You need SlumberPod Pet! This portable, lightweight canopy fits over small- to medium-size crates and dog beds up to 35” long and 26” wide.


Allowing your pet to get all their energy out during the day is a sure-fire way to get better sleep at night! Try one of these great gifts to elevate your playtime in 2021.

Chuckit! fetch game - Give your arm a break! This ball launcher allows you to play fetch with your pump without burning out your biceps.

Bark Box - A customizable, curated box of toys and other goodies that will delight your dog and you alike.

Kong - This dog toy is a classic for a reason! Simply fill the durable silicone core with peanut butter and your dog will be busy for hours.

Haute Diggity Dog plush squeaker - Who says dog toys can't be fun for humans too? This collection of beverage-inspired squeakers is too cute to miss.

Tuffy dog toys - If you're tired of replacing toys that get torn up, add a Tuffy toy to your list. Your wallet will thank you for purchasing one of these nearly-indestructible toys.

Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel toy - This game is perfect if you've ever wanted to play hide-and-seek with you pup! Playtime has never been more interactive.


We can't forget our pet owners! They also deserve some pampering after taking such good care of their 4-legged friends all year. We recommend the following for the pet-lovers in your life (and if that's you, all the better)!

Furbo - Does your pup have separation anxiety? This treat-dispensing system makes leaving home easier! This device allows you to talk to you pet, view them on camera and issue a treat for good-boy behavior.

Friendship Collar - Let everyone know your dog has your heart with a matching collar and bracelet set that will set you both up in style!

Buddy Bandana - Not a bracelet person? Try a bandana! These matching bandana sets provide a cute accessory for your dog and one for you, with options for scrunchies, masks, and more!

The Foggy Dog luxury leashes - Say goodbye to a sad and worn dog leash with this great gift! Handcrafted in the U.S. with luxe brass hardware, these leashes and corresponding accessories are made with recycled materials.

The Farmer's Dog Subscription - Give the gift of health with a customizable, real and fresh dog food subscription for any pet that's kibble-averse.

Donate to ASPCA - The best gift is one that gives back. Consider making a donation to your pet lover's local chapter of ASPCA to support their work for rescues and more.

We're thankful for you!

As we enter this holiday season, we're thankful for our families, our affiliates and our fans who have made SlumberPod Pet a must-have item for pet parents across the globe! We wish you a fantastic time spent with family (even if just with your trusted four-legged-friend). Happy shopping!

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December 08, 2020