Are you room-sharing with your toddler due to traveling, renovations, limited space, or moving? Well, thankfully, SlumberPod’s bottomless design makes it perfect for pairing with select toddler cots and inflatable mattresses — so you and your toddler can sleep peacefully no matter the situation!

Recommended Toddler Cots

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo manufactures portable beds, playards, bathtime gear, booster seats, and safety gates. Their My Cot Portable Toddler Bed™ fits perfectly inside SlumberPod’s 50-inch-long, 36-inch-wide, 56-inch-tall footprint. This means toddlers that don’t sleep in a crib at home any longer can sleep on the My Cot inside our dark and cozy privacy pod: providing a dark place for naps and allowing for longer nighttime sleep while traveling.

The Regalo My Cot is 48-inches-long, holds small children up to 75 pounds, and folds up when not used.

SlumberPod’s CEO and co-owner Katy Mallory asked her daughter, Margot, why she liked sleeping on her My Cot inside her SlumberPod:
° “It’s cozy inside”
° “I can put my sound machine inside”
° “I can put a flashlight next to my bed, and it feels like     I’m camping in my own room or at Mimi’s house!” 

This travel cot is by far the most popular among SlumberPod parents. However, there are a few other toddler cots that we have seen being used.


    Baby Delight Go with Me Bungalow Deluxe Portable Travel Cot

    This portable travel cot by Baby Delight features durable fabric and locking, sturdy metal frames that can support children up to 75 lbs. It also has mesh walls to provide additional security for your little one. Dimensions for this cot are 50”x26”x16.25”, so it just fits inside SlumberPod.



    Other Toddler Cots:


    While we have not personally tested these cots, the dimensions listed should work with SlumberPod:


    Do you have a toddler travel cot that works with SlumberPod we did not list? Send an email to so we can add it to our list!

    Recommended Toddler Inflatable Mattress

    Along with cots, there are some inflatable mattresses our staff has personally tested with SlumberPod. 

    Ozark Trail Kids Camping Airbed with Travel Bag

    The first is this kid’s airbed by Ozark Trail. This airbed can support up to 110 lbs, and the armrests are designed to keep kids secure and comfortable through the night. It measures 57in.x30in.7in, so your SlumberPod will need to stretch over it since the mattress is a few inches longer. Thankfully, because this bed is inflatable, there are no sharp edges that may damage your SlumberPod fabric from stretching to fit.

    Do you have a toddler inflatable mattress that works with SlumberPod we did not list? Send an email to so we can add it to our list!


    Other Compatible Options:

    Here are other safe sleep options that match SlumberPod’s dimensions:

    Folding Travel Mattress:

      • SpringSpirit Folding Mattress - This waterproof mattress features a tri-fold design making it easy to store, travel, and use! It features a non-slip backing design to help keep the mattress in place. 

    Playards and Mini Cribs:

    And, of course, SlumberPod fits a large variety of playards and mini cribs. You can find an extensive list of compatible options here.

    Unlike many baby/toddler products, SlumberPod is designed for use for up to 5 years old, so rest easy knowing your purchase will make traveling easier for years to come!


    This blog post was originally published 12/13/2018 but has been updated with new recommendations.

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