When your dog is your best friend, you may share everything with him-- food, fun, and even a comfy spot on your couch.

So what could be more natural than sharing your vacation?

Whether your plans include hitting the hiking trail, the beach, or an artsy lunch spot, bringing your dog along is a great way to make memories.

Keep in mind, however, that some destination are more welcoming to pets than others.

Here are our picks for ten dog-friendly cities to visit.

San Diego, California

This popular tourist spot is renowned for its beautiful beaches and parks.

And thanks to several off-leash Dog Beaches and dog-friendly parks, your pet can enjoy these right along with you!

It also boasts more than 530 dog-friendly restaurants in addition to many breweries that allow dogs.

Austin, Texas

This city has a ton of fun activities for pets, including Red Bud Isle Park, an entire island dedicated to off-leash dogs.

If you want to get some shopping in, check out The Domain, a mall that allows dogs in its stores.

Bar Harbor, Maine

The famous Acadia National Park is known as one of the dog-friendliest national parks in the country.

It has a total of 120 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails that allow both you and your pooch to experience the breathtaking scenery of this incredible area.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is a city that truly loves dogs-- something you’ll notice just by looking around!

Residents and visitors to this city are encouraged to bring their dogs everywhere, even when heading out to the pub for a drink.

You can also take your dog on the trolley to explore all that the city has to offer!

Lake Placid, New York

This serene and relaxing lake destination will be a treat for you as well as your pooch.

Enjoy the dog-friendly beach, as well as a hike up nearby Mount Jo.

For meals, take advantage of the many dog-friendly restaurants in the area.

Sanibel Island, Florida

This is the perfect destination to enjoy the sand and sun, with a climate that’s delightfully milk and is sunny year-round.

Nearly every beach here is pet-friendly, which means you can enjoy almost any beach activity in the company of your pet. You’re sure to have fun whether jogging, swimming or sipping on a beverage while watching the sunset-- make sure to bring a dog bowl!

Block Island, Rhode Island

Here you and your pet can enjoy gorgeous seaside scenery, including picturesque cliffs and windmills.

Take a walk or bike ride around Mohegan Bluffs, or relax at one of the many dog-friendly beaches.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

This gorgeous island can be visited in comfort with your pooch.

You can even rent a special Burley Trailer so that your dog can ride along with you as you bike around.

You can also find dog-friendly breweries and hiking trails to explore.

Key West, Florida

At Key West Dog Beach, you and your pooch can both indulge your love of sunny beaches-- these are leash-free.

You can even bring your dog along to the aquarium or to the Island Dogs Bar to enjoy some live music.

Carmel, California

With no leash laws in the entire city, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with your dog here!

Just make sure you do some preliminary training to ensure that your dog is ready for so much freedom.

Check out all the dog-friendly beaches along Seventeen Mile Drive and check out all there is to see.

No Matter Where You Go, Bring A Piece of Home With You!

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