One thing all pet lovers can agree on? We adore spoiling our pets!

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new, fun products and innovations. And with emerging technology, every year brings opportunities for new ways to feed, play with, comfort, and travel with our best furry friends.

Here are our picks for the best inventions in the pet space in 2020.

SlumberPod Pet

Long trips and adventures are just not the same without our pets. But staying with them in strange hotel rooms or other people’s homes can be a challenge. SlumberPod Pet gives your pup a safe, convenient place to sleep, reducing anxiety by providing a cozy home-away-from-home. And best of all? It’s light and portable! This collapsible privacy pod easily fits into a carry-on suitcase.

GoPro Fetch

Ever wanted to see the world from your dog’s point-of-view? This unique harness comes with two mounting locations for a GoPro camera so that you can record all of your pet’s amazing adventures! Simply place your GoPro on either your pup’s chest or back and then get ready for some serious bonding and entertainment. YouTube pet videos will never be the same.


Pet cameras that allow you to watch your pet while at work have become old-school. The new PetCube offers a different solution! This interactive device includes a camera that connects to your WiFi and also has a laser feature that you can control by your phone to play while you’re away! The PetCube app also features a “chat with a vet” option and your first consult is included in the price of the Cube. 


Who doesn’t love a good game of fetch? Your dog never seems to get tired of it, but you might! This automatic ball launcher continues the game with your dog even when you can’t (or if your arm needs a rest; we won’t judge). Because it connects to WiFi and a dedicated app, iFetch allows your pet to play even when you’re not there.

Smart Cat Feeder

Imagine if you could feed your cat just by pressing a button on your phone. Well, with this can! Set up your cat’s feeding schedule ahead of time for maximum convenience. Smart Cat Feeder is a “set it-and-forget it” solution for busy cat owners.

Furbo Pet Camera

Another solid entry in the pet camera category, the Furbo lets you talk to your pet right from your phone and even give her treats. It also alerts you to emergencies like excessive barking or intruders. These real-time alerts show up on your phone, giving you peace-of-mind that your pet is safe, when when you’re at work or running errands.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

If you and your pet both dread grooming time, this product may be your saving grace. The rubber nodules on these gloves make your pet feel like he is getting a luxurious massage whenever you touch him. Another bonus: it captures twice as much hair as a traditional grooming brush! Any product that reduces the amount of pet hair on the furniture is a win-win.

Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker

This new gadget works like a traditional tracking system for your pet with the functionality of a FitBit; It monitors your pet’s location and her level of activity. A great option for pets that need to lose weight or maintain an active lifestyle, this device is also waterproof and gives you real-time alerts of your pet’s location.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Another innovative dog tracker, this one updates your pet’s location every 2-3 seconds! It is completely waterproof and the batteries last for up to five days. With unlimited range, it can track your dog’s location anywhere in the world. 

Litter Robot

“I love cleaning the litter box,”...said no one ever. This handy gadget eliminates the most loathed task of cat owners everywhere. Litter Robot automatically separates your cat’s waste from the litter when he exits, placing it in a waste drawer where you can dispose of it easily. This waste drawer-design also helps to eliminate cat wast odor! Little Robot also syncs to a dedicated app where you can track your kitten’s bathroom habits and be alerted when the waste drawer is full.

If you’re hoping for an easier 2021, these products can make life with your furry friend even sweeter! Happy shopping!

Slumber Pod

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11 enero 2021