It used to be that going on a family vacation meant leaving trusty Rover at home with a pet sitter. Bringing your pet to spend the night in a hotel with you was simply unheard of.

But luckily for us, this is changing!

More and more, hotels are recognizing that pets are part of the family and are making their accommodations available for humans and pets alike. Here are some of the pet-friendliest hotel chains to consider for your next adventure:

Kimpton Hotels

This hotel chain stands out for allowing dogs of all breeds and sizes to stay (in contrast to many other hotels which have restrictions).

In addition, you’ll also find complimentary treats for your pet in the rooms including water bowls, food, mats, and plush dog beds to use during their stay.

Some Kimpton hotels even have a Director of Pet Relations on staff to make sure your dog has everything he needs. A true concierge experience!

Residence Inn at Marriott 

These hotels are also very pet-friendly, allowing up to two pets of any size to stay with you for a standard $100 cleaning fee. Pets may also be left unattended in the room at Residence Inn as long as they are crated. We recommend using a SlumberPod Pet with your crate to provide a safe place for your pup to rest and relax while you’re away. 


This hotel chain has many pet-friendly locations in a variety of cities including Nashville, Chicago, and Phoenix.

They allow two dogs up to 50 pounds each to stay for a fee.

Crated pets may be left unattended and there is a grassy pet relief area near most Aloft hotels.

Hilton Homewood Suites

The suites in this hotel chain all allow dogs. Some individual hotels do charge a fee, so be sure to look into that before booking!

Most suites come with a refrigerator, allowing you to keep your dog’s water cool all day.

Many Hilton Homewood Suites locations (such as the one in Washington D.C.) are also in close proximity to dog parks.


Individual hotels in this chain have varied pet policies, however, most Ritz-Carlton hotels are pet-friendly with a modest pet fee.

Some even offer special perks-- the Laguna Niguel location, for example, provides a special dog-friendly menu. In most cases, dogs must be leashed or held in your arms when you are in common areas such as the lobby and pets are generally not allowed in the hotel’s restaurant, bar, or fitness area.


You may not be familiar with this new hotel chain, but it’s the best-kept secret of traveling pet-lovers. They provide your dog with a complimentary water bowl, bed, treats, doggie bags, and even a stuffed dog that they can play with during their stay. And people get some fun treats too: bicycle rentals and pineapple cupcakes. 

Though not as widespread as other hotel chains, StayPineapple hotels can be found in most major cities, including New York City, San Francisco, and Boston. 

Next time you go on vacation, consider bringing your best friend along!  With the help of these pet-friendly hotels and your trusty SlumberPod Pet, it may be the best vacation you’ve ever had.

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01 noviembre 2020