For Q3's team donation, Mae chose Circle of Friends by First Baptist Church of Salisbury, NC. This charity is near and dear to Mae's heart because her sister-in-law has Down Syndrome. 

"This program at a local church provides a safe place for people with all types of disabilities to have time to socially interact with each other and make friends. Pre-COVID times, they would meet once a week in the evenings and play games, do crafts, learn, and all in all have a great time with each other. They even got to go to Happiness Retreat and camp for two nights in the summer!  During these times now, they zoom weekly in the evenings and still get to see each other. The members who run the group have still been celebrating each and every person, on birthdays they’ll come decorate the yard and leave gifts, have a drive through trick or treat, a drive through valentines party, and etc! They really are a blessing to everyone who has a chance to participate in the club! Circle of Friends is allowing my SIL, Sydney, with the chance to feel normal. It allows her to engage, socialize, and feel connected to others. This is even more important now as she’s having to stay home to stay safe." Thanks to your purchases, we are able to support young adults with intellectual disabilities and help them build one-on-one, personal and meaningful relationships.

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01 octubre 2021
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