A Nashville church’s attendance of young parents and children starting to decline over the past few years. They polled members and learned that many families were avoiding attending services because of conflicts with their babies' nap times. 
That’s where the SlumberPod® comes in…


It was a struggle for families with little ones to attend church, as it was happening during their babies’ morning nap times, and the open-room environment of the nursery made it even more difficult. Plus with awake babies playing a few feet away from the napping space and with volunteers and parents coming in and out, babies trying to nap were easily distracted. In addition, ambient light seeped through the doors and curtains in the space, which made it even more challenging for babies who are used to dark rooms at home to nap peacefully.


Some of Immanuel Church’s creative and proactive young moms saw the need and devised a plan: purchasing SlumberPods for the nurseries. Because the purchase of SlumberPods had not been budgeted for, a GoFundMe campaign was created and shared through social media and via email to members. Many young families were eager to contribute, as well as older members who wanted to help make it easier for families with little ones to attend church services. The first order of six SlumberPods was paid for quickly!


After purchasing the first six SlumberPods, young parents were racing to the nursery to “get the good nap spot” — the cribs with a SlumberPod and monitor — for their baby. Seeing the difference that SlumberPod made for their Church families, a few months later, a substantial donation paid for an order of nine additional SlumberPods.


According to Immanuel, the difference in church attendance before and after SlumberPods were added to their nursery was truly amazing. “Build it, and they will come” really happened. After purchasing nine additional SlumberPods, even more families with little ones began attending church and a second service needed to be added on Sunday mornings. Immanuel Church now welcomes an average of 15 babies per service who use SlumberPod to nap peacefully.


Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Immanuel Church has a membership of 700 adults and 64 children age 5 and under. For more information, please contact friends@immanuelnashville.com.


This new program will offer places of worship exclusive bundle pricing discounts on purchases of two or more SlumberPods. If you know of a place of worship that might be interested in this new program, share this blog post or download our flyer here and have them email hello@slumberpod.com for more information.

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11 mai, 2021

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