Have you considered taking your cat along on your next long road trip?

We don’t always think of bringing our cats with us. Unlike dogs, they tend to be very independent animals who just want their own space.

But with some planning, it’s completely possible to bring your feline along to share your next adventure.

Here are some tips to make the trip as fun as possible for everyone.

Take Rest Breaks During Long Car Rides.

Cats usually do fine traveling by car. But if you’re going on a lengthy road trip lasting several days, your fur baby will need a rest break every few hours to drink some water and use the litter box. 

Bring a Disposable Litter Box.

A small, compact litter box can be easily packed to take with you in the car. Don’t forget a litter scoop and scented waste bags to clean up after her. While a compact litter box is not an absolute must, it can make the trip a lot less stressful.

Don’t Forget the Vaccination Records.

Have paperwork from the veterinarian on hand that shows your cat’s vaccination records. You might also want to bring a health record along with you, especially if you’re traveling over state lines, in which case this is a requirement.

Check Ahead of Time On Hotel Policies.

It’s very important to get verbal confirmation over the phone that a hotel is pet-friendly before you show up there with your cat. You’ll also want to ask if the hotel charges an extra fee for hosting pets and whether they will allow you to leave your cat in the hotel room unsupervised.

If you do go out for a while to do some shopping, a SlumberPod Pet sleep solution can help make your cat feel comfy and secure while you’re away.

Help Your Cat Get Used to Riding.

Your cat’s first-ever road trip is not the time to get him used to riding in the car. Work your way up to it gradually, first by simply hanging out with your cat in the car while it’s parked in the yard and then having him accompany you on short trips in preparation for your big adventure.

Make Sure Your Cat Has ID Tags.

Your cat should be wearing identification tags on her harness or collar, clearly showing your name, address, and phone number. A microchip is also a good option.

Pack Extra Supplies.

If you’re planning on traveling regularly, it’s worth it to assemble a handy travel kit for your cat with everything you might need: leashes, treats, collapsible food and water bowls, cat food, and jackets for cold weather.

Consider Medication.

Despite your best efforts, some cats will find car rides so stressful that you might want to talk to your veterinarian about using a sedative or tranquilizer. Of course, this should only be an absolute last resort.

Keep Your Cat in His Carrier While Driving.

No one wants to believe that a car accident could happen while your pet is riding in the car with you, yet it is a real possibility. Just as we humans keep ourselves safe with seatbelts, your cat also needs to remain secure in her carrier whenever the car is moving.

Never Leave Your Cat Alone In the Car.

In warm weather, your car quickly heats up to a level that is dangerous for your pet. Plan activities carefully so that your cat can either accompany you or a family member can remain in the car with her.

With these guidelines, you and your cat will be well on your way to a memorable and fun trip.

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18 mai, 2021