If you share your home with a beloved dog or cat, it’s safe to say they’ve changed your life forever.
Once you adopt a furry friend, there’s no going back to the person you used to be.
For better or worse, you’ve learned some important lessons from your pet.
Here are the five things you’ve learned from being a pet parent. 

Pets are expensive.

First, there are the necessities: food, collar, leash, bed, etc. Not to mention vet bills. These things are already expensive enough...but then there’s the fun stuff.

Even the most hardened misers become softies when it comes to spoiling their pets with toys, treats, and even cute clothes.

All of these purchases can really add up.

In fact, some pet parents spend more on their pets than they do on themselves.

And to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Life revolves around your pet’s needs.

Gone are the days when you could spontaneously go away for the weekend or agree to take an extra shift at work.

Now you have to plan and prepare carefully every time you go out of town.

You may need to call a dog-sitter or a reliable family member to come to help out if you’re going away or working long hours. 

Or you can make arrangements to bring your pet with you.

Fortunately, SlumberPod for Pets is easy to take along with you wherever you go, so your pet won’t have to miss his favorite sleeping spot.

You can live in the moment.

Your pet is not concerned about her Keto diet or her 401k. Nor does she agonize about the embarrassing thing she said to a colleague three weeks ago. Pets only focus on the present moment. As long as your dog or cat is with you, she’s perfectly happy and content. She trusts that her immediate needs will be met, and she’s really not fussed about what’s going to happen next week or even an hour from now. This is an excellent lesson in mindfulness for the rest of us.

Playtime is important.

It’s a sad fact of existence: most of us humans have forgotten how to play. And that’s a shame.

Remember that glorious freedom you felt as a child running around on the playground? Remember when a game of tug-of-war or catch could make you laugh and smile?

Thanks to your pet, you can relive all that again.

Playing with your dog or cat helps you relax and release some of that icky human stress we all carry around with us.

Unconditional love is powerful.

Pet parents quickly realize that they would do absolutely anything for their adored companions. 

And why not? After all, our pets love us unconditionally. So it’s only natural for us to return that love.

Your pet remains by your side during all the best and worst moments of life. And, of course, you’re right there with him in his ups and downs, too.

If it weren’t for our pets, we might never get to experience this kind of unconditional love. And how lonely would that be?

We’ve learned lots of valuable lessons from our pets. There’s no going back to the person we used to be. 

After all, why would we ever want to?

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04 mai, 2021