8 Items You Need For Your New Pet
Congratulations, you’re about to bring home a new puppy or kitten! It’s an exciting time as you prepare to welcome this new family member into your home. You are sure to make many wonderful memories together as you start this journey.

Even so, preparing to welcome a new pet can be overwhelming. It’s a big change, and you might be unsure if you’re really ready!

But no need to worry. With these nine essential items, you can rest assured that you’re more than prepared to begin enjoying a lifetime of love with your new pet. 


Getting the right kind of collar for your pet is important. To begin, it must be the right size! Collars that have a quick-release clasp and D-ring are preferable for pets who will be leash-trained as this makes it easy to attach the leash. You might also want to look for a collar with an extra loop for contact information and vaccination tags.

Crate or Carrier

The hope is that a crate will become your pet’s safe place-- where he goes to relax. If you’re adopting a young puppy, a crate or carrier is a convenient place for him to hang out when you can’t supervise (which will also keep him from having accidents or making messes in the house). And don’t forget to get SlumberPod Pet to go along with it! SlumberPod Pet gives your furry friend a safe, dark and comfy spot whether you’re at home or traveling.


Dogs and cats (and humans!) alike appreciate having a designated, comfy spot to sleep. Look for pet beds that are soft and cozy enough; we want this to be appealing for your pet! We also suggest looking for a bed that is washable as you may need to throw it in the laundry from time to time to ensure that your pet’s sleeping spot remains clean.


You will need a leash to take your pet on adventures with you in the great outdoors, or even just to the vet! There are many different kinds of leashes with different benefits at different price points! No matter which kind you want, be sure to look for a leash that’s sturdy. A double handle can also be helpful as it gives you more control in a situation when you want your pet to stay closer to you.

Food and Water Bowls

Dogs and cats like to eat! And unfortunately, they don’t always use the best manners. Ceramic, dishwasher-safe bowls are a great option for your pet, as are metal bowls with rubber at the base to prevent slipping. Both of these options are sturdy enough that your pet won’t mistake them for toys! Some families also prefer to put down a mat under the food and water bowls to minimize mess. Make sure you provide your pet with age-appropriate food every day, along with fresh water for hydration!


Pets need play and stimulation just like we do! The right toys can go a long way towards meeting these needs. Cats tend to love catnip mice and balls for pouncing, while dogs find get hours of enjoyment out of chewy toys, bones, and sturdy rubber balls. 


Treats are essential if you’re planning on doing any training...which, unless your dog’s behavior is perfect and she’s already potty-training...you probably will. Try to figure out what flavors your pet likes the best, and give her very small pieces while training to avoid overfeeding her.

Poop Bags/Litter Box

Yes, it’s not our favorite thing about caring for pets, but the fact is...mess happens. Investing in a self-cleaning litter box can remove some of the hassle for cat owners; if that’s out of your price range, a hooded cat litter box will do just fine. For your dog, get some convenient, eco-friendly poop bags to clean up your yard (or more importantly, your neighbors’ yards) when walking. 

You’re ready!

With these eight items, plus a heart and home full of love, you are ready to bring home your new pet and begin a lifetime of memories together knowing you’re prepared to provide your pet with the best.

Melinda Boling


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02 février, 2021