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What is a SlumberPod?

SlumberPod is a quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies/toddlers get a good night's sleep and is:

  • Dark inside — creating an optimum sleep environment
  • Built with safety in mind — passes applicable consumer product safety tests and more (see Safety below for details)
  • Bottomless design to enclose travel crib, mini-crib or select toddler cots (see list below)
  • Quick and easy to set up and disassemble
  • Made of unique fabric that is breathable (air-permeable) and light-blocking
  • Outfitted with ventilation windows and pocket for baby monitor or sound machine (see blog for more details)
  • New 2.0 features (introduced Sept 2020):
    • Fan pouch designed by airflow experts at ATDC at Georgia Institute of Technology (SlumberPod Fan offered in a bundle with SlumberPod or sold separately)
    • Two revised ventilation panels using a fly design that allow for increased airflow while maintaining blackout
    • Monitor pouch located higher on the pod, allowing the monitor to be inserted horizontally to capture entire playard, mini-crib or toddler cot
    • Navy main-body fabric with gold stars on pole sleeves

    SlumberPod structure:

    • 50 inches long, 36 inches wide, 56 inches tall when assembled
    • Pair of sturdy aluminum shock cord poles
    • Fabric [breathable] 85% polyester, 15% spandex. 
    • Folds down into 17 inches by 5 inches by 6 inches bag for storing or travel. 
    • Product including travel bag = 5 pounds.
    • Playard/travel crib not included. Always use modern and compliant products to create and maintain a safe sleep environment inside SlumberPod. Safe Sleep/Bare is Best |

    Looking for a thorough independent review of SlumberPod? Check out Upside Dad's review of SlumberPod, including an illustrated assembly guide and tips. 

    What playard models is SlumberPod compatible with?

    SlumberPod Perfect pairings - shows what items will fit under the SlumberPod


    It is important to find a playard that matches the SlumberPod’s dimensions. Luckily there are a ton of great options!

    SlumberPod fits playards up to 44 inches long, 30 inches wide and 38 inches tall, including but not limited to the following playard models: 4moms® breeze® playard, BABYBJORN® Travel Crib Light, Baby Trend® Deluxe Nursery Center, Cosco Funsport® Play Yard, Dream On Me Portable Playard, Dream On Me Travel Light Play Yard, Evenflo® Portable Deluxe Playard, Fisher-Price® Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard, Graco Pack-n-play®, Graco® Travel Lite Crib, Guava Family® Lotus Play Yard, Foundations Essentials Portable Travel Yard, KidCo® Travel Pod Portable Playard, Nuna™ SENA™ Aire Travel Crib, phil&teds® Traveller™ Portable Crib, Safety 1st Happy Space Play Yard, Ingenuity™ Smart and Simple Playard™ - Bryant™, gb Lufta 3-in-1 Sleeper Play Yard, Nuna Sena™ Aire, Costway Foldable Travel Baby Playpen Crib Infant Bassinet Bed.

    SlumberPod also fits most mini-cribs including Babyletto Mini Crib, Bloom Alma Mini-crib, DaVinci Emily 2-in1 Mini-crib, Dream On Me Aden 4-in-1, Delta Children portable crib, and LA Baby® The Original Bedside Manor Mini Crib.

    SlumberPod is ALSO compatible with several cots and small inflatable mattresses (using the recommended ages for use) including the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed™, Ozark Trail Kids Camping Airbed, Baby Delight Go with Me Bungalow Deluxe Portable Travel Cot, and The Shrunks' Junior Toddler Travel Bed (currently out of stock).

    We'd love your feedback on other mini-cribs, playards, inflatable mattresses and/or travel cots you've tried that aren't on the list. Please contact us (or email with the info!


    SlumberPod set up:

    • If possible, set up the pod at home before your trip (the printed instructions are sewn into the draw-string carrying bag or can be downloaded here.)
    • Check out this helpful blog written from feedback from customers: 
    • IMPORTANT: Don't bend the poles with too much force (the poles are sturdy but not indestructible).
    • Always use in indoor, climate-controlled conditions.
    • Always set up SlumberPod away from window blinds and other cords that could present a hazard.
    • Do not add extra soft bedding. Remember that with any any bassinet or playard, bare is best.

      How does SlumberPod's ventilation work? 

      NOTE: SlumberPod's safety testing was conducted with all ventilation flaps closed and no fan. For more information, read our blog about SlumberPod and safety. 

      Ventilation flaps are offered for those who (1) want more airflow and/or (2) want less blackout. There are two different ventilation panels on the SlumberPod version introduced November 2020.

      The set of ventilation panels on the front of SlumberPod (top and bottom) have a plastic toggle to loop to a ribbon to hold it open. The top one has several notches in the ribbon so that it can be opened wide, medium or slightly open. These ventilation flaps have black mesh inside.

      The set of ventilation panels on the back of SlumberPod are the new "kickstand" or fly-style ventilation flaps. They have a velcro "stick" that holds the flap up from the main body allowing air to pass through. The flap at the top works in conjunction with the fan in the bottom corner (placed so that the air flows to the left) creating a vortex of air (like a chimney effect) inside SlumberPod (thanks to our friends at ATDC -- Georgia Institute of Technology, who helped with this design). This air flowing doesn't directly blow on your little one, instead creates airflow circling within SlumberPod providing more comfort.  The two "kickstand" flaps have netting inside to allow for maximum airflow. The top kickstand flap does this while maintaining blackout. 

      What are some tips for getting my child used to the SlumberPod if they are hesitant?

      Our beta testers, sleep consultant affiliates, and customers shared the following advice:

      • Set up the pod at home before your trip.
      • Put the SlumberPod in the living room for your kid(s) to explore.
      • If possible, have your child sleep in their playard and SlumberPod at home before traveling. Sleep consultants recommend first use at night-time sleep, as your little one will be more tired.
      • If your baby or toddler is nervous about zipping the main zipper closed, try letting them sleep the first time or two with the zipper open or partially open -- then they may be more comfortable zipping it later. (Note: for babies under a year old, we recommend opening the vents after the baby falls asleep and leaving the main window at least partially open.)
      • And/or let your baby fall asleep with the zipper open or partially open, then zip it up after he/she falls asleep

      More tips and best practices are available on our blog dedicated to first use. 

      What ages are recommended for SlumberPod?

      SlumberPod is designed and intended for babies age four (4) months and older. After graduating from these sleep products, SlumberPod can be used with toddler cots and inflatable mattresses for children up to 5 years old. 

      Always use modern and CPSC-approved sleep products inside SlumberPod for babies and toddlers and maintain a safe sleep setting. Safe Sleep/Bare is Best |

      Why 4 months and older?

      Babies are most vulnerable as newborns, so parents and caregivers should monitor their sleep habits as directly as possible. We also recommend parents and caregivers follow safe sleep guidelines, which you can read more about recommended safe sleep guidelines on the American Association of Pediatrics' website.

      Is SlumberPod safe?

      SlumberPod passes all applicable juvenile product safety tests in the United States, Canada and Europe. We know, however, that parents and caregivers may wish for additional independent assurance and may be concerned by the airflow inside the SlumberPod.

      Although the pod was designed (material and design itself) with airflow in mind, we took an extra step to ensure that caregivers’ concerns were addressed. We submitted SlumberPod for an additional, voluntary assessment and expert opinion using advanced test methods. The evaluating doctor (selected by the independent, third-party lab – and not by the SlumberPod team) independently concluded that the product “presents a low hazard” for CO2 rebreathing.   

      For more information, read our blog about SlumberPod and safety. Please contact us if you'd like more information on SlumberPod's safety tests.


      How is SlumberPod different than a "crib tent"?

      You may notice that our communications don't refer to Slumber as a "crib tent" and here's why:

      1. SlumberPod is completely free-standing and doesn't attach to the playard or crib. According to many online sources, a crib tent is "a cover that attaches to a crib to prevent a toddler from climbing out of the crib." SlumberPod is designed with safety in mind NOT to confine your little one should they climb out of their playard — and the pod's premium fabric provides ample stretch so not to entrap your little one.
      2. SlumberPod's air permeable (or breathable) main fabric is 85% polyester and 15% spandex and is not made of the mesh that is typically associated with the hazards of crib coverings referred to as "crib tents."
      Click here for a copy of a more detailed document showing how our product is different from a crib tent.

        Does the pod have a bottom?

        Our privacy pod structure is bottomless, allowing you to easily slip it over a modern and CPSC-approved sleep product for the age of your baby or toddler  (standard-sized playard, mini-crib or select toddler cots are sold separately).

        How dark is SlumberPod? We prefer complete darkness — is that an option?

        Absolutely, complete darkness is an option with the ventilation flaps closed. See our video that was filmed from inside SlumberPod under TV studio lights to get an idea. 


        If closing the ventilation flaps for the most darkness, is there still airflow?


        Although made of breathable fabric, it is recommended to use SlumberPod in a well-ventilated and climate-controlled environment — as it is approved for indoor use. You can open one or more vents for overnight sleep (when parents are going to bed and lights are out) to increase airflow if needed. Dress your little one for possible 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit difference inside SlumberPod. Also - In addition to passing all applicable juvenile safety tests, we had extensive tests done to include CO2 rebreathing by a third-party, independent lab. It was deemed low hazard with the vents closed.

        Can a baby monitor or camera be used with SlumberPod?

        There is a zippered pocket that is accessible from the exterior of SlumberPod and has a clear vinyl interior. Some monitor instructions include language regarding placing the monitor camera in an enclosed place. If you no longer have the instructions, please check the monitor company’s website or the paperwork that came with your monitor to be sure.

        Read our blog post for more information about compatible video monitors. 

        NOTE: Some video monitors now have an auto-focus feature that may focus on the vinyl - and not on your little one. Also, keep in mind that the temperature reading on your baby monitor may show up to 10 degrees warmer than actual as the gauge is impacted by being included in the monitor pouch.

        Try this tip for achieving the best "full view" of your little one with your monitor inside SlumberPod:


        Is SlumberPod soundproof?

        No, the fabric does minimize some noise but doesn't create a totally soundproof barrier. Use your favorite sound machine beside SlumberPod or in the fan pouch if not using a fan, especially if your little one is accustomed to it. It's important to mimic their sleep environment and routine as much as possible.


        What are the wash/care instructions?

        The material can be spot cleaned as needed. The pod material is a premium polyester/spandex blend.

        SlumberPod can also be machine washed in cold water (making sure the fabric isn't inside out, as this could damage the monitor pouch) on the delicate cycle using your favorite detergent (no fabric softener) — and air dried. It's extremely important not to dry with heat (in a dryer), as heat will damage the baby monitor pouch.  

        Why do I need to remove the care tag from SlumberPod prior to using it with HomeBase?

        For the safety and well-being of your little one, you must remove the care tag (shown above) from your SlumberPod prior to using HomeBase in conjunction with SlumberPod.

        In some cases, the care tag could slip inside the mattress area of a crib and become accessible to baby.Removing the tag makes it impossible for the tag to enter the crib and be near a baby (e.g, baby's mouth).

        By law, we are required to have the care tag attached to the product upon purchase, at which time you should remove it. This is just like the tag on your mattress. Consumers are always allowed to remove these tags. In our case, we are recommending you take this extra step in an abundance of caution since the tag could be close to a small child, who could mouth it.

        What’s the difference between SlumberPod and a camping tent?

        Here are the key differences: 1. Many tents are treated with flame retardant chemicals and our pod is not. 2. Tents are made from waterproof materials that are not air permeable; our privacy pod is made from a premium, breathable fabric and has air vents you can open up as well. 3. Our structure is bottomless, allowing you to quickly and easily slip it over a playard. 4. A tent that would fit a playard inside would be giant (especially to fit the crib through the entryway); our pod is specially designed to be the same width and length as a playard, meaning it doesn't take up much room in a hotel room. (If you’ve set up a camping tent before, the way the poles work will feel familiar to you, which is a good thing!)


        Does SlumberPod keep my child from escaping their playard?

        No. Adult supervision is required and the use of the SlumberPod does not substitute for close supervision and caretaking. SlumberPod isn’t built/designed like crib netting or a crib tent that attaches to a crib. SlumberPod completely covers the playard or other safe sleep environment, it is not intended to confine.


        Can I use SlumberPod outdoors?

        SlumberPod is recommended for and approved for indoor use in a climate-controlled room (AC or heat).


        Is sleeping in the same room as a baby really a struggle?

        YES! We’ve since talked to hundreds of parents who struggle when sharing a room with a baby—and we’ve seen countless social media posts fretting about this same issue. More than 80% of 600 parents we recently surveyed said their baby or toddler who sleeps great at home doesn’t sleep as well away from home.


        In what countries is SlumberPod available?

        SlumberPod is available for purchase from our website for delivery in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China. SlumberPod has passed safety testing and is approved for sale in other countries. Contact us for special shipping requests. 


        What is the Return Policy?

        We’re here to help, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product for a full refund, minus (1) the cost of the return shipping label, which we will provide at our low shipping rates, and (2) a $10 restocking fee (if the product has been opened or used). NOTE: Optional shipping insurance cannot be refunded.

        To help your return go as quickly as possible, please follow these steps:

        1. Use the Contact Us form or email to let us know to expect your return. Please include your name, your order number, and the email address associated with the order along with details that will help us know why the item didn’t work out for you.

        2. We will arrange the return for you and will send you a return label to attach to the package and take to your post office or UPS (we compare both options and choose the least expensive). Please let us know the zip code where you will drop off the package. In this case, the amount of the return shipping will also be deducted from your refund. (Please return SlumberPod in the original shipping box or similar size box if using our shipping label -- as the shipping cost is based on the dimensions of the original shipping box. NOTE: Returns in larger boxes will be subject to additional fees deducted from your refund.)

        3. Returned items must be in "like new" condition, and in the original packaging. (See “Damages” below for return of damaged items.) Please return SlumberPod in the original shipping box or similar size box if using our shipping label or your refund may be subject to additional fees. 

        4. Your refund minus (1) the cost of the return shipping label, which we will provide at our low shipping rates, and (2) a $10 restocking fee (if the product has been opened or used) will be processed and applied to your original method of payment as soon as possible after receipt of the returned item. Depending upon your credit card company, it may take up to an additional 10 business days after the credit is applied for the credit to appear on your credit card account.

        5. You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of the item along with verification of the refund being processed.


        What if my order is damaged upon receipt?

        If you received a damaged item, please let us know within 48 hours of the delivery. Please email with a photo of the damage along with your name, your order number, and the email address associated with the order. Depending on the damage, you may receive replacement parts or a full replacement. We will walk you through the process and what to expect upon receipt of your email.


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