What is SlumberPod HomeBase?

SlumberPod HomeBase is the FIRST and ONLY patent-pending blackout solution for a full-size crib when used with SlumberPod. Now you can enjoy the sleep benefits AT HOME that you’ve experienced when traveling with SlumberPod. 

Does HomeBase attach to the crib?

No. HomeBase and SlumberPod do not attach to the crib in any way; SlumberPod's poles connect easily and directly into HomeBase's poles, providing a sturdy structure.

Why do I need to remove the care tag from SlumberPod prior to using it with HomeBase?

For the safety and well-being of your little one, you must remove the care tag from your SlumberPod prior to using HomeBase in conjunction with SlumberPod.

In some cases, the care tag could slip inside the mattress area of a crib and become accessible to baby.Removing the tag makes it impossible for the tag to enter the crib and be near a baby (e.g, baby's mouth).

By law, we are required to have the care tag attached to the product upon purchase, at which time you should remove it. This is just like the tag on your mattress. Consumers are always allowed to remove these tags. In our case, we are recommending you take this extra step in an abundance of caution since the tag could be close to a small child, who could mouth it.

How do I assemble (or disassemble) HomeBase?

Step-by-step instructions are sewn into the HomeBase storage bag. Helpful assembly video below: 

The top of my child’s crib is protruding slightly from the SlumberPod fabric when using the SlumberPod in conjunction with HomeBase. Is this okay? 

Yes. HomeBase used with SlumberPod is designed to be compatible with standard full-size cribs up to 56 inches wide and 37 inches deep and 40 inches tall. 

Can I leave HomeBase on my child’s crib without using SlumberPod?

No. HomeBase must be used together with the SlumberPod, which provides the structural support for HomeBase. 

We do not recommend leaving HomeBase on a crib without it being attached to Slumberpod as loose fabric may be a hazard to young children sleeping in a crib. HomeBase is intended to always be used with a SlumberPod and not as a standalone solution.

What age child was HomeBase (to be used in conjunction with a SlumberPod) created for?

HomeBase is recommended for ages 4 months and older. 

Use of HomeBase should be discontinued as soon as a child can climb out of their crib. The purpose of HomeBase is to make the child’s sleeping space dark and not to keep your child in their crib (see more details below).

Always use modern and CPSC-approved sleep products in conjunction with HomeBase for babies and toddlers and maintain a safe sleep setting. Safe Sleep/Bare is Best | CPSC.gov

Why 4 months and older?

Babies are most vulnerable as newborns, so parents and caregivers should monitor their sleep habits as directly as possible. We also recommend parents and caregivers follow safe sleep guidelines, which you can read more about recommended safe sleep guidelines on the American Association of Pediatrics' website.

How is HomeBase different than crib tents on the market?

There are many ways SlumberPod differs from a crib tent – when using on its own or in conjunction with HomeBase:

  • SlumberPod is not designed or intended to prevent a child from climbing out of their playard or crib. 
  • SlumberPod and HomeBase do not attach to the crib in any way (no strings, no clips, no cords, no straps)In other words, the products are uniquely designed to be freestanding and can be easily and quickly removed. 
  • These products are designed to go on the outside of the crib and should never be placed inside the crib.
  • SlumberPod and HomeBase are made from a stretchy, breathable fabric that is very difficult to tear, unlike mesh. 
  • (See here for even more information about how SlumberPod + HomeBase is different from products marketed as traditional “crib tents”)

Is HomeBase designed to keep my child from climbing out of their crib?

HomeBase should NEVER be used for keeping your child from climbing out of their crib. The purpose of HomeBase is to make the child’s sleeping space dark and not to keep your child in their crib.  Use of HomeBase should be immediately discontinued once a child can climb out of their crib. 

WARNING: Use of HomeBase with a climbing child in a crib may present a safety hazard.

May I get more information about safety-related to HomeBase and/or SlumberPod?

HomeBase has passed all applicable juvenile product safety testing, and we hold a Child Product Certificate (CPC) in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (for the product). 

See here for more information about our commitment to Safety as a whole. 

How do the magnets work? Anything I need to know about them in relation to the child using HomeBase or the adults setting it up?

Our magnets in HomeBase are used to connect the SlumberPod to HomeBase (see instructions for more detail). These magnets are safely sewn to be inaccessible to children. However, we do recommend periodically inspecting seams and fabric near the magnets and discontinuing use if tears, rips, or loose stitching occur.

We recommend keeping HomeBase away from pacemakers and other sensitive electronics because the magnets may interfere with the function of these devices.

Can the monitor pouch be used with SlumberPod when it is connected to HomeBase?

When SlumberPod is connected to HomeBase, the monitor pouch is still in a good position to supervise your baby via the monitor. 

Can the Fan pouch be used with SlumberPod when it is connected to HomeBase?

We do not recommend using the lower Fan pouch (SlumberPod 2.0 or Classic with conversion kit installed) when connected to HomeBase. We do, however, have an upper fan pouch kit for installation by a professional alterations expert/tailor. This pouch kit will allow you to retrofit your SlumberPod to have a fan pouch near the apex of the canopy.

What's the recommended method to remove SlumberPod from HomeBase?

To remove SlumberPod from HomeBase simply disconnect poles at each corner, one at a time, and place the SlumberPod poles back into the SlumberPod pole pockets. Always keep the extra HomeBase poles and fabric securely stored away from children. 

​​Can HomeBase be used with a toddler mattress or toddler bed?

We do not recommend using HomeBase and SlumberPod together with a toddler mattress or toddler bed. HomeBase is designed to be used with standard full-size cribs only. However, SlumberPod on its own is compatible with several toddler mattresses, including toddler cots and inflatable mattresses. Please read this blog for information. Neither SlumberPod or HomeBase should ever be used with a toddler bed (e.g., mattress and bed frame).