Here's to more Nighty Nights.

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Everyone can sleep better away from home with SlumberPod®

Most parents have been there. You're trying to vacation with a baby or toddler and the sleep situation is anything but restful. For anyone. The baby wakes up and sees you across the room and won't go back to sleep, or the room isn't dark enough for the baby to stay asleep at nighttime or during naps.

With SlumberPod®, long gone are the days of setting up the travel crib in a hotel bathroom, or renting an extra room or a suite in order to get a good night's sleep away from home. SlumberPod is a portable, affordable, patent-pending solution for family travel and getting a good night's sleep.

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SlumberPod Kickstarter Campaign exceeded

9x Goal  August 2018

People are so excited about SlumberPod that we sold over $45,000 in 4 weeks on Kickstarter.

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SlumberPod® is the next best thing to a private sleeping space for the baby.

Cozy and safe for babies, and easy setup for parents!


Maybe you’ve tried to solve the travel sleep issue with homemade sleep nooks, setting up the playard in the hotel bathroom, spending additional money on adjoining hotel rooms, hiding on the hotel balcony or in the hallway while your baby falls asleep—or even taping tin foil to the windows. These options can be unsafe, stressful and expensive!


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