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Simply amazing, easy to pack, fairly simple to assemble, cozy for baby, and incredibly helpful for a solid night sleep!!!!!! A MUST FOR TRAVELING

Lucia H.

This is a MUST HAVE!

We purchased Slumberpod for traveling and it is Absolutely Perfect! It is light weight, easy to assembly, fits perfectly around a pack & play, air flow is wonderful, and most of all our little one sleeps PERFECTLY in it ... he actually has the best sound sleep and naps in the Slumberpod than in his crib.

Aaron W.


We are so grateful for the Slumberpod. This product has helped us on several trips. We won’t travel without it now. Skip trying the cheap Amazon tent and just buy the Slumberpod. I promise you won’t regret it!

Lauren S.

Even the midnight sun can’t beat the slumberpod!

My daughter was born in October and we live in rural Alaska. She slept best in darkness, or very dim lighting. Once March hit our days we’re getting brighter and longer and she was not sleeping despite two black out curtains and a towel over her bedroom window. I tried the slumber pod after starting her on a sleep program and she didn’t mind the change at all! We even went camping and the cabin was so bright and she was able to wind down at her usual bedtime while my husband and I took turns kayaking in the lake. Ahhhhhh! Love this invention!

Amber O.

Night saver!

We ordered this as a last minute solution to my almost 2 year old who started climbing out of her pack and play while we travel. The slumber pod was so light and easy to set up and I love the pocket for the camera so I can still keep an eye out on her! So grateful for her and I to be able to sleep better when we travel! Well worth the money!

Brian B.

Perfect Black Out Sleep Tent!

This is an amazing product. Our daughter slept peacefully in a fully lit room due to the black out of the tent. It has a holder for a camera and fan. My kids also enjoyed playing in it when they weren’t sleeping. It packs up nice and tight and is perfect for travel!

Taylor W.

Recommended by Sleep Consultants worldwide!

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