7 Things to Do While Your Baby Naps

Being a parent to a baby is a wonderful thing. Nothing can make you happy like your little bundle of joy. You're excited watching them grow and develop, and you try to catch every moment because they grow so fast. However, it's nice to catch a break sometimes and have some time to yourself. Most of the time, it's when your little one takes a nap during the day. There are many things to do while your baby naps, and seven of those things you can start with.

1. Self-Care

Parents often lose the sense of 'self' once the baby comes into their lives, as being a parent is one of the most selfless things in the world. However, in order to do your job as one and stay sane for the years to come, you need to dedicate some time to yourself. One of the most effective and the least time-consuming things you can practice is – self-care. Self-care routine is perfect because you can start and finish everything while your baby is relaxed and flowing in the land of dreams.

Use the second nap for some "me time"

Your infant may take a few brief or one-hour naps during the day (as a result of teething or feedings and generally being a baby in development). If this is the case, you may get some work done during the first sleep. But, then, you can use the second nap as some "me time" to disconnect from all motherhood anxiety by doing something enjoyable or relaxing. Set aside your favorite face masks for those times. Then, light up your favorite scented candle and use this time to reconnect with you as an individual, not a parent.

2. Organize and plan something to look forward to

Do you need to start preparing for a special event, such as a birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other national holiday? If yes, you should plan everything for your baby's sleep. Ask yourself and put on paper:

  • where to go
  • what to organize
  • what theme to use
  • what details do you need to take care of

When arranging such events, creating a Pinterest board or browsing the boards of others for inspiration is a terrific place to start since it forces you to sit down and unwind simultaneously.

3. Spend time in nature

Doing some gardening outdoors may be a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of nature on your physical and mental well-being. Also, just going for a walk can mean a lot. If you don't have anyone to watch out for the baby, you can take him or her with you, too – sleeping in clean air in a park can be highly beneficial for your baby. Also, if you bring your little one with you, you won't have to worry about separation anxiety – you'll be together.

4. Incorporate physical activity

It might be challenging to maintain your usual fitness routine after giving birth. However, you mustn't forget that your body is a temple. You need to keep it active no matter the circumstances. So a bit of exercise is one of the best things to do while your baby naps. You may get in a quick yoga session or exercise routine while your baby sleeps. If you start the day off well, you'll have better mental clarity, physical vitality, and overall good health for the rest of the day. Remember, taking care of yourself is crucial and the first step toward being a good parent.

5. Enjoy some TV

You probably watch Paw Patrol almost nonstop on certain days, to the point where you can perfectly predict the next program on your schedule. When your infant or small child is napping, you may use that time to catch up on some adult entertainment. Sometimes watching TV is the best way to prepare for the day ahead.

6. Call up your friends and socialize

One of the biggest challenges when becoming a parent is not having the time to go out with your friends as much. It may seem like something you can compromise at first (and often, you have to). But ditching your friends due to parenting obligations can quickly become an unhealthy habit that will be hard to recover from. Not to mention that it can influence your mind negatively. So, use the time your baby naps to call up your friends and awaken your social persona.

It doesn't have to be anything too hard to execute with a sleeping baby. You can make a video call to your bestie and catch up for that hour when your baby naps. Humans are social beings, and if you give up that part of yourself, you'll end up feeling unhappy in the long run.

7. Take a nap too

Being a parent somehow is a synonym for being sleep deprived. So, we would like to conclude this list of things you can do while your baby naps – joining them in their slumber. Yes, you can do a lot of productive things too. But there's no shame if you decide to take advantage of the hour of peace and quiet to just relax and make up for some lost sleeping time. You desperately need it, and you can benefit a lot from it.

Try some of these things to do while your baby naps

The moment you become a parent, it's like you signed a contract giving up a lot of your free time. Parenting is a full-time job and even more than that. But, when your baby gets lost in the land of their dream, you can borrow some time to take care of yourself. Take a good look at this list of seven things to do while your baby naps, and make sure to do each of them at least once. You'll see what works for you and when you do, proceed to do that in order to become one happy and healthy parent.


Monica Boils
Monica Boils is a consultant at helixmoveva.com and a full-time mom of two. In her free time, she likes sharing her experience via blogs to help new parents cope with the challenges of having a baby. When she's not writing, she plans adventures with her little toddlers and organizes fun little trips for her family.

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