SlumberPod Fall Pre-order (vs. Restock)

We’re doing something different this go-round (US ONLY) for our SlumberPods, SlumberPod Combos, and Fans!

Stock updates

We are excited to announce that restocks are on the way! Unfortunately, the containers expected in late September and early October are delayed. We expect two back-to-back shipments to be delivered to our warehouse to be ready to fulfill customer orders in mid and late October.

We’re bringing back Pre-orders!

We listened to the feedback over the past few restocks and have a different plan for these next two restock deliveries. We’ll be launching pre-orders for SlumberPods, SlumberPod Combos, and SlumberPod Fans on Monday, October 4 (for US only)!

Sign up to be notified, and we’ll alert you the morning before the pre-order launches that afternoon. If you've already signed up to be notified since the last restock, you'll receive the notification about the pre-order launch countdown. (Note: if you miss this restock/pre-order, you’ll need to re-signup for notifications.) Cue the confetti! 

Have questions? Here are some details:

Our biggest restock in one month - ever!

This pre-order will have nearly 2x as many SlumberPods available than we've had in recent restocks!  

Demand is still high!

We hope to get SlumberPods in the hands of as many people as possible, and we are taking steps to (hopefully) make the process more streamlined (thus the pre-stock idea!). 

Orders will be fulfilled on a first-order/first-fulfilled basis, with the first fulfillment of orders shipping mid-October (no exact date can be guaranteed).

What are my chances of snagging one this time around?

Better than before! While we can't make any guarantees as word-of-mouth endorsements have made the demand for our product skyrocket! More restocks are also planned for November (and will be more frequent in the future, barring any unexpected circumstances).

SlumberPod color options

We're so excited to announce new and encore colors. The October pre-order includes Black with gray accents, Black with turquoise accents (encore of the SlumberPod classic color combo), and NEW! Navy with light navy accents. All colors will be offered in the pre-order for SlumberPod with Fan (combo) or without the Fan. (Note: As we are expecting pre-orders to be snagged fast, no changes can be made to the colors or item choices in your order after the order has been placed.)

Fans, fans, and more Fans!

This pre-order will offer 10x the number of Fans we have had in past restocks! SlumberPod Fan will be offered in this pre-order by itself (Fan only) and also in a combo with SlumberPod, or with a Fan Pouch conversion kit (for SlumberPod classic). 

Item limit

As with the last couple of restocks, we are limiting the number of each item per order (SlumberPod, SlumberPod Combo, or SlumberPod Fan) to two of each item to accommodate those with twins but limit product “hoarding” for possible resell with price gouging. 

Can I use a Discount Code on my Pre-Order?

Yes! We accept all official SlumberPod discount codes (make sure you are following us on Instagram because we share codes on our stories weekly)! If you forget to apply your discount code before you check out, please email with the code and your order number. FYI: Our discount codes only work on our website and not on other retailer sites.

How fast will SlumberPods sell out in this pre-order?

It is extremely hard to predict the sell-out time. August’s restock was sold out within minutes! September’s restock sold out in hours … so things slowed down just a bit in September. Sales may still go fast despite our 2x increase in quantity.  The best strategy is to be online right away to snag what you want! 

Once I put an item in my cart, is it reserved for me as long as I check out quickly? 

Good question! No, adding products to your cart DOES NOT hold the product for your purchase. We did our research on this issue, and locking items in carts (even for only a few minutes) is not considered best practice among other big brands, and also, our website e-commerce platform does not offer this as an option. After successful checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number and other important details.

What’s the fastest way to check out?

To help streamline checkout, we offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal as payment options, but make sure these options have your correct shipping details stored! Another option is to set up “auto-fill” on your devices to eliminate manually typing of your billing and shipping address. 

Can I add expedited shipping to my order with this restock/pre-order?

The only shipping option available for pre-orders is our free shipping option, typically using either FedEx or UPS Ground, and USPS is used for Hawaii, Alaska, PO Box, and APO addresses. Overnight or 2nd Day delivery methods are not available as options for pre-orders as we are unsure of the exact shipping date, and expedited shipping in this situation sets expectations that you’ll receive it by a certain date for the added expense. 

Can my shipping address be changed after checking out?

We're happy to help with any shipping address changes, as long as your changes are submitted within 48 hours after your order is placed but before the shipping label is printed (the day it is shipped). Please review your shipping address as soon as you receive your order confirmation email. If any changes need to be made, send an email to with the subject line "SHIPPING ADDRESS CHANGE -- Order #____"

Can orders be canceled if multiple people try to snag one for me (and are successful)?

Yes, orders can be canceled up until the day that shipping occurs. But please understand the impact on our small company’s small customer service team when multiple orders are placed on behalf of the same person (by family or friends), and all but one order are canceled. The process of canceling orders is time-consuming for our customer service team, and our company is also charged a fee for both the orders and the refunds. Please be thoughtful before placing multiple orders via the “team” approach. 

Cancelation policy

If you no longer want your order or need to make edits to your shipping address, please email us within 48 hours of placing your order at with the subject line CANCEL ORDER or ORDER CHANGE for Order [#]. It can take up to 5 business days for the refund to show on your credit card activity for canceled orders. NOTE: If the shipping label has been created and you’ve received the shipping confirmation email (on the day your order ships), no changes to the order or cancelations can be made. 

When will my order ship?

Depending on what Pre-Order number your order is (located on the product choice “title”), your order is scheduled to ship either mid or late October. Specific shipping dates are not given or guaranteed because the shipping industry has been so unpredictable this year. Expedited shipping (overnight and 2nd Day) has been removed for pre-orders as we are unsure of the exact shipping date, and expedited shipping in this situation sets expectations that you’ll receive it by a certain date for the added expense. Learn more here about delivery times using our free shipping method (disregard information about expedited shipping options on our website).

Will I get an email when my pre-order ships?

Yes! When your order is shipped, you’ll be sent a confirmation email (to the email address you provided when you placed your order) with tracking information. Tracking may take 24 hours to reflect an estimated delivery date. All delivery carriers are experiencing delays due to an increase in volume. (Note that delivery delays are out of our hands. Please contact the carrier directly with any issues.)

Will there be other restocks or pre-orders before the holidays?

Yes, we expect three more restocks after this October pre-order before the holidays: two in November and one in December (barring any unexpected delays). We’ll make a decision after this pre-order about whether these following restocks will be available via pre-order or wait until inventory is at our warehouse to launch sales. We welcome your feedback on which method you like best! Once this pre-order is sold out, you can sign up to be notified on our SHOP page for the next restock or pre-order. 


  • SlumberPod

    Hi Julia! Yes – this is possible. Please email with your information so we can help get you taken care of!

  • SlumberPod

    Hi Crystal!

    Please click on SHOP and you can then purchase any of the pre-orders you may be interested in! Please email if you have any questions or issues.

  • Julia M

    Very exciting news! Question for those of us not in the US: does pre-orders mean potentially that all available items will be sold even before restock on the website happens?

    Trying to figure out whether I should set my alarm for 4am again (time difference!) for restock, or just give up already!

  • Crystal

    So….where do I go to preorder? I’m signed up for notifications but I haven’t seen anything

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