SlumberPod's Commitment to Safety

When we started this company in 2016, we knew that infant safety and compliance were the utmost priority. We were committed to the fact that we would not consider selling a single product until we were absolutely confident about the product's safety (and that we would feel comfortable using it for our own kids and grandkids).

We'd like to share the details with you about how we got there.


We’ve Worked with Safety and Product Development Pros

To leave no stone unturned, we’ve consulted with two different product safety consultants with deep experience in juvenile products, sought counsel from a product safety attorney, and worked with two independent accredited product safety testing laboratories — including using a third-party physician selected by the laboratory — to help ensure compliance and safety with all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements.

We also partnered with a reputable product design firm as well as engineers from a top engineering college to create our original product and refine it for safety, effectiveness and ease-of-use. 

We continue to monitor compliance requirements, customer feedback and industry trends to continue making design choices that allow parents and babies to be as comfortable as possible using SlumberPod.  

We Completed Mandatory Compliance Tests, and Then Some

Well before any sales took place, we consulted product safety experts and submitted SlumberPod for juvenile product safety testing using an independent, accredited, global laboratory. From the beginning, SlumberPod has always and consistently passed all applicable juvenile product safety tests in the United States, Canada and Europe. Per juvenile product regulations, we submit our products annually for this testing. 

As mothers, we know that parents and caregivers may wish for additional independent assurance before using a new product with their little one. Although the pod was designed (both the material and design itself) with airflow in mind, we took an extra step to evaluate air quality inside SlumberPod. We submitted SlumberPod for an additional, voluntary assessment using advanced test methods. These tests were conducted with the ventilation flaps closed and with using no fan. The evaluating doctor (selected by the independent, third-party lab and not by the SlumberPod team) concluded that the product “presents a low hazard” for CO2 rebreathing. (Note: there are no labs out there that issue a pass/fail-type test for CO2 rebreathing for a product like ours, only an assessment of low, medium, or high risk.)

Adding a fan pocket and fan to SlumberPod in September 2020, after sales of more than 30,000 classic SlumberPods, was based on customer feedback from those who have little ones who are "warm sleepers" and not based on any safety issues.  

Please contact us if you'd like more information on SlumberPod's safety tests and/or a copy of our Child Product Certificate (CPC).


Take a look at this video from our founder on our commitment to safety:

We’ve Worked Hard to be Different from a “Crib Tent” 

You may have noticed that our communications don't refer to SlumberPod as a "crib tent.” This is intentional. Several crib tent brands have been recalled due to safety concerns. Our product differs in the following ways:

  1. Our structure is bottomless, allowing you to quickly and easily slip it over any number of compliant and approved products designed for safe sleep (and sold by others) to maintain a safe sleep environment.
  2. This means that SlumberPod does not modify your child’s safe sleep space in any way that would invalidate the playard or other safe sleep product’s own safety testing and certifications.
  3. SlumberPod isn’t built like a crib tent that snugly affixes on or inside a child’s home (full-sized) crib and may be intended to confine the child. While the SlumberPod completely covers the playard, it is never intended to confine. Adult supervision is required and the use of the SlumberPod does not substitute for close supervision and caretaking. The room in which the SlumberPod is set up should be fully baby-proofed and should always have  a closed door or gate to prevent your toddler from wandering when they are unsupervised. 
  4. SlumberPod's air permeable (or breathable) main fabric is a durable polyester and spandex blend. It is not made of the mesh that is typically associated with the strangulation hazards of crib coverings commonly referred to as "crib tents."
  5. Unlike some crib tents, you can see your baby sleeping inside the SlumberPod thanks to the convenient video monitor pouch.

Click here for a copy of a more detailed document showing how SlumberPod is different from a crib tent. Click here for a more detailed document for SlumberPod + HomeBase. 


A Note about Playard Manufacturers’ Answers about SlumberPod

Occasionally parents will reach out to the manufacturers of certain playards or other compatible sleep spaces and ask if SlumberPod is safe to use with their product. Please be aware that these outside manufacturers cannot legally advise you to use any product that they themselves have not safety tested. A response from an outside manufacturer that they cannot confirm that SlumberPod is safe does not mean that our product is unsafe-- it simply means they have not personally tested the product for safety. As such, we always recommend asking for our safety certificates if you have questions about compliance instead of consulting the manufacturer of the sleep space that you plan to use. We are here as a resource for you. 


We Trust Our Product with Our Kids and Grandkids

As moms ourselves, safety is our highest priority. We are a mother/daughter team who, combined, have nine children (and Lou has 15 grandchildren!).

We are not a large brand whose biggest goal is a big bottom line. Our goal has always been (and will continue to be!) providing a product that benefits parents and makes their lives just a little bit easier. And doing this safely has always been nonnegotiable!

The SlumberPod concept was inspired by our children and our experiences as moms, and because of our rigorous safety testing, we trust our product with our own precious "customers" — our children and grandchildren! 

If you have any further questions about our safety, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we will gladly share additional details about all that we’re doing to keep your little one both safe and sound while sleeping. 


—Your friends at SlumberPod



Lou Childs & Katy Mallory
Mother/Daughter creators of SlumberPod


The SlumberPod family children & grandchildren — Holidays 2019


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- SlumberPod

Hi JF,
That’s a great question! While there isn’t a specific standard in Canada that applies to SlumberPod, we follow a handful of Canadian standards, like these: US 15 CFR 1500, SOR/2018-83, SOR/2016-188, SOR/2016-193, & SOR/2016-194. I hope this helps you make an informed decision around the safety considerations we adhere to for SlumberPod.

- JF Froes

You say that the pod is tested to juvenile safety standards. Which standard (S)does this product meet in Canada?

- SlumberPod

Hi Adrienn,
All safety testing was performed with the clips engaged. To ensure our product performs as it should, the clips should be used. Thank you for asking. Here’s to more nighty-nights!"

- adrienn


Are using the clip’s mandatory? Is there anything safety related to their use?

Thank you

- SlumberPod

Hi Symantha, your monitor may read hotter within the pouch than what the temperature is within the actual SlumberPod. We definitely recommend checking the warnings and instructions for your particular V-Tech monitor before you continue using with SlumberPod. Please continue to email us at if you have any other questions.

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