If you’re planning to take your dog along with you on your next vacation, you’re not alone. Research shows that 37% of pet owners travel with their pets, in contrast to 19% of them only ten years ago.

As the travel industry adapts to these changes, more and more hotels, restaurants, and airlines are modifying their policies to accommodate our furry friends.

Here are the eleven things you need to know when planning to travel with your dog. 

Bring copies of your dog’s health records.

If you’re traveling by plane, the airline will require records of all vaccinations. You’ll also need to give the airline a certification of health no more than ten days before your trip.

Call the airline to check requirements.

Airline policies regarding pets are constantly changing. It’s worth it to call ahead of time, as well as send the airline a confirmation email that your dog will be accompanying you.

Pack everything your dog will need.

Besides health records, you’ll also need waste bags for cleanup, as well as food, toys, medication, and food/water bowls. And of course, don’t forget your pet’s SlumberPod sleep solution to ensure that she remains calm and happy on the trip.

Take short car trips ahead of time.

Gradually work your way up to a long car trip. Start by simply sitting with your dog in the car, and then begin making short car trips so that he can become more comfortable riding with you.

Prevent car sickness.

Feed your dog three or four hours before your trip so she has plenty of time to digest. And when it’s time to eat again, pull over and stop until she’s finished.

Don’t leave your dog alone in your car.

It’s dangerous to leave your dog unattended in your car, especially in the summer months when it can quickly become an inferno. Ask a family member to stay with your dog if you need to leave him.

Make sure your dog has proper identification.

A permanent form of ID such as a microchip is ideal when you’re traveling with your dog. But if you don’t have this, at least make sure your dog has an ID tag showing your phone number and home address.

Don’t let your dog stick his head out of the car window.

Yes, we love to see a pup’s happy face, smiling in enjoyment out of an open car window. But though this might look charming, it can cause terrible injury, or even death, to your dog if you have to stop suddenly.

Bring drinking water for your dog.

Bringing your own supply of bottled drinking water ensures that your fur baby won’t get sick from drinking tap water in a strange place, which might not agree with him.

Don’t plan on traveling by train.

Amtrak only allows pets who weigh less than 25 pounds, ruling out most dogs. The European train system is a bit more dog-friendly, but it’s still worth checking with them ahead of time.

Your dog is your best friend and an ideal companion for all your adventures. With a bit of planning, you can make some great memories together.

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May 11, 2021