5 Tricks to Set-Up SlumberPod in Tight Spaces!

When traveling or simply outside of your normal routine, space may be a luxury. Rest assured that many of our happy customers use SlumberPod in small spaces.

From small rooms, closets and bathrooms to RVs and more, if a mini-crib will fit, a SlumberPod will fit! Even so, setting up your SlumberPod in a small space can get a little tricky. That’s why we collected these 5 tips for setting up when space is limited. 

1. Rubberband the poles

Use a rubber band or hair tie to keep the extra pole segments together until you’re ready to use them! This will keep them in place and prevent the excess pole pieces from snapping together automatically. Once you are ready to complete setup, simply remove the rubber band and assemble each pole piece by piece. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how this trick works!

2. Setup your SlumberPod on the bed

Maximize the width of the room! Setting up your Pod on the bed will allow for full use of the room and help you to avoid hitting the walls with the poles as you thread them through the pole slots. Once you've got it set up, simply lift it off the bed and place on top of the playard, mini crib or travel cot.

3. Complete one side at a time

Slide one pole all the way through the pole slots and into the sleeve at the bottom. Repeat this process for pole two. Once one of each end is in place, complete the process on the other side. This effectively reduces the width you need by half, as only one-half of each of the poles is extended at any given time. 

4. Set up your SlumberPod outside of the space 

If you’ve tried these tips and still can’t make it work, try setting up your SlumberPod outside of the sleeping space (like in a hallway or lobby). Once your SlumberPod is set up, you can then collapse it in half to transport back to your room to place on top of the playard or mini crib. You might get a few strange looks from other guests but that’s a price many are willing to pay for a good night's sleep! The video below shows how SlumberPod can be folded for each moving.


5. Place a chair in the mini-crib to prop up the fabric

The last thing you want in tight quarters is to have lean over the side of the mini-crib to grab the top of the Pod! By placing a chair in the crib, the fabric stays lifted to chest height which allows for easier assembly with the poles. Just remember to remove the chair from the crib when you’re done! The video below shows how it's done:


Now that you are fully prepared to set up your SlumberPod anywhere, go ahead and rent that tiny house for a few days or stay an extra night at your in-laws! Fear of “where will we sleep” drama is no longer an excuse to stay home. Extra special thanks to Taylor Willis of The Resting Nest for sharing these videos! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more great sleep tips.

Do you have any other suggestions when setting up your SlumberPod in a small space? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at marketing@slumberpod.com or share a story on Instagram and tag us to be featured. 

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