6 Products that Make it Easy to Travel with Little Kids

Traveling with little ones can feel daunting. Before my husband and I started our family, we consistently heard, “travel now, while it is easy.” So we did just that, we fit in 12 different countries and multiple states before our little one was born. Since I already had the travel bug, and I knew I did not want to stop exploring, we wanted to experience the world with her. 

I searched high and low to find the best baby travel products that would fit our needs best. I truly believe the right items make the biggest difference when it comes to ease of traveling with your kids. My criteria included being lightweight, fitting in a suitcase, and simply put — being that game-changing item that made our trip so much better. We have successfully taken three major trips with our daughter (now 13 months old), one of the trips being international. Below is a list of the must-have items we used when we traveled to Italy last October. 


Taking our beloved playard helped ease the anxiety about what is my child going to sleep in. This was one of the most important items on my list to pack, as safe sleeping is very important to us. We packed our Guava playard. It is so lightweight and comes with a backpack to store it in. (We also have the bassinet and love it). The bonus is that it is approved as a carry-on, on most airlines, or as a free checked item occasionally if you ask.

Baby Carrier

Our favorite is the Happy Baby Carrier. It is made of breathable fabric, which makes it perfect for walks on the beach or strolls through the city. It is so versatile — your baby can face toward you for the on-the-go naps, or face out and see the sights.


There are so many great travel strollers on the market but our favorite is the Minu by Uppababy. It is so compact once folded up, it has a carrying strap, AND it only weighs 14 pounds! There are so many places that do not allow strollers at all, so we just fold it up and carry it around like a bag. Other features like the sunshade and large storage space underneath are very handy, too.

High Chair 

Yes, we travel with a high chair. And honestly, it’s the best decision ever because I know it is clean, and my child can sit and be comfortable. My favorite is the Mountain buggy because it folds up so small and packs perfectly in my suitcase.


You will thank me later. Putting a baby’s food on the table makes me cringe, but a broken plate isn’t great either. The Avanchy Bamboo Baby Bowl and Plates literally stick to the table. We usually just travel with one and wash after each use.



Sleep is very important especially when it comes to traveling. If you have a grumpy baby than no one is happy. Since most of her naps happened on the go, good night-time sleep was crucial. SlumberPod was a life-saver! Bonus: My husband and I were even able to stay up three hours after our daughter went to sleep while in Italy — enjoying pizza in our hotel room.

There are so many great baby travel products on the market today. My secondary list would include items such as snacks, suitcases, and diaper bags, but use the items above as a starting point to find what works for your adventures.

My best advice: Hold on to that feeling! Do whatever it takes to never stop traveling.

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