SlumberPod Customer Spotlight | Kelly Marohl

We love our customers and truly feel like we are all family! This customer spotlight blog is about SlumberPod parent, Kelly Marohl, who is a mom to two and founder, designer, and managing editor of The Greenspring Home.

About Kelly Marohl 

I’m a working mom of two with a passion for decorating! My motto is that I’m a mama on a mission to keep a beautiful home with kids. 

We have one boy and one girl who are sixteen months apart, so life has been pretty busy these past few years. Both my husband & I grew up in Maryland, and we now raise our family here too. 

We’ve both been blessed to work from home, even pre-pandemic, so that helps with juggling family time, household chores, and work/life balance. 

Why I Love SlumberPod

Our lives were forever changed when we became parents - in both amazing and challenging ways. 

My daughter had colic and cried for hours each day. She was easily startled at night time, so I was always on edge, worrying she was going to wake up. Because of this, I tried any and all baby products on the market to attempt to get her to sleep.

There are so many reasons why I love the SlumberPod, but the main reason is because of how well both of my kids slept in it. Uninterrupted sleep is priceless - isn’t it?! 

Here are some ways our family uses the SlumberPod:

1. It makes family room sharing easy during travel

When we go on vacation, we can’t always afford to book a multi-room hotel suite. Most of the time, we all have to sleep in one room, and I hate having to tip-toe to the bathroom with the light off, praying I don’t accidentally wake my daughter. Once we got the SlumberPod, we were able to watch TV, look at our phones, and use the bathroom light worry-free. 

2. Any room can be blacked out while the sun is shining in

We always use the SlumberPod for daytime naps when away from home. When we visit my mother-in-law’s house, she doesn’t have curtains in her guest room, which makes daytime naps difficult. The SlumberPod is the perfect way to darken any room during the day for naps. I also love how well it works for preventing early wakeups. No more worrying about the sun coming up at 6 am! 

3. Our kids can share a room without constantly waking each other up

For the past year, our children have shared a room in our new house. Those first few weeks, no matter how many times I yelled at them - they would not settle down and go to sleep. They would laugh, play games, and jump out of bed for HOURS. 

We had already been using our SlumberPod for travel, but my husband had the brilliant idea of trying the SlumberPod so they couldn’t see each other. Ever since he goes right to sleep and doesn’t wake as soon as my daughter does, he still needs sleep since he is younger! I never thought we’d use our SlumberPod every single night, but we’re so glad we found this solution. 

As you can see, our family are SlumberPod fans for life! We love how easy it is to set up and how light and portable it is. I know I’ve gotten my money’s worth 100 times over! You can read our full SlumberPod story over on The Greenspring Home blog.


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