Top 10 Baby Items for 2021

As parents ourselves, we know that the baby gear world is full of all different types of products and it can get overwhelming for any new mom or dad. While some baby products are necessary, others are complete game-changers. So, we asked our affiliates and our Instagram audience of 40k+ to share their favorite baby/toddler gear, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten recommendations. 



1. SlumberPod

Of course, we couldn’t start with any other product but our own. But in all seriousness, SlumberPod is not only recommended worldwide by sleep consultants and parents alike but has been labeled a “game-changer” by parents and caregivers. Parenting is hard enough, and then adding in travel or room-sharing with a baby or toddler, and you’ve just upped the stress level. Thankfully, our co-founders decided to create a solution to make room-sharing less stressful and more restful .. — SlumberPod. 

2. White Noise Sound Machines

This response was unanimous amongst our affiliates and Instagram followers. The top two sound machines brands recommended were Hatch and Yogasleep

For babies and kids, Hatch offers three different sound machines: Rest Mini, Rest, and Rest+. The most popular Hatch sound machine recommended was the Rest. The Hatch Rest features 11 different soothing sounds, customizable nightlight, sleep programs, time to rise, and an app allowing you to adjust anything from the palm of your hand. 


Yogasleep has numerous sound machine options for babies, including a lot for travel. The most recommended Yogasleep sound machine amongst our affiliates and sleep consultants is the Dohm®. The Dohm® Natural Sound Machine is the original white noise sound machine and has two-speed options for adjustable tone and volume. 


3. Ollie Swaddle

Almost all new parents have heard about the Ollie Swaddle. Some may wonder if it’s just all hype, but after having numerous sleep consultants and followers recommend this swaddle, it is a clear favorite amongst swaddle brands. The Ollie Swaddle is designed with patented moisture wicking fabric to help prevent overheating, has a custom closure that allows it to meet the need and size of each little one, opens at the bottom for easy diaper changes, and it grows with your little one. You can read all about the Ollie Swaddle and what makes it different on their website here.

4. Nugget

Oh, the infamous Nugget. Wondering if it’s worth the splurge for some fabric covered foam? Just ask any parent who has one (or two or three) and be prepared to see multiple photos of different Nugget creations and colors. The Nugget helps encourage imaginative play, has no sharp corners, is machine washable, and encourages gross motor skills. Plus, their marketing and the passionate “nuggeters” instantly grab your attention and make you want to join in on all the fun.  


5. UPPAbaby Strollers

Looking for a high quality baby stroller that is lightweight AND stylish? Then UPPAbaby is the brand for you. This is the only stroller brand that we received multiple recommendations of, and after taking a peek at all their different styles, we can see why. Not only do they have full-sized strollers, they also carry lightweight strollers, car seats, and great accessories. UPPAbaby strollers are created to be lighter, more savvy, easier-to-use, and even fun. Their design is modern, clean, and sophisticated. 

6. California Beach Co. Play Yard

Once your little one begins to start crawling, a playpen is a great addition to your baby gear. The #1 playard by FAR right now seems to be the California Beach Co. Pop N' Go®  Play Yard. This portable playard gives your children their own special space to be themselves indoors or outdoors. It weighs only 7.2lbs and large enough for multiple children. Each Pop N' Go® comes with a UV shade and travel bag and the patented ”pop and release” technology make it a breeze to set up. 

7. Tubby Todd

While we are sure there are tons of great baby body care products out there, the most recommended to us is Tubby Todd. Created for sensitive skin, Tubby Todd offers a line of body care basics with natural extracts that help work to clean, soothe, and moisturize skin prone to dryness or eczema. A clear favorite is the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment which is a thick, creamy, and fragrance free balm that is great for everything. 

8. Baby Carrier

As a parent with a young child, sometimes the only time you’ll have both hands free is when you are baby wearing. So, a baby carrier is definitely a great item to have on your registry. Two carriers were the most recommended amongst our affiliates and followers: the Ergo Baby 360 and a style called the “ring sling.”

The Ergo Baby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier is perfect once your little one has outgrown being carried in a newborn wrap or carrier. It is designed for children 12-45 pounds and offers four ergonomic ways to babywear (front carry - facing parent, front carry - facing out, hip carry, and back carry). So as your child grows, your options to carry grow as well with this carrier. 



A ring sling style baby carrier is essentially a piece of woven fabric that is sewn at the shoulder with rings to create a “sling” to carry your little one. Ring slings are extremely convenient because they compact and easy to adjust. While ring slings are perfect for newborns, a good rule of thumb is a max of 35 pounds (but just check with the manufacturer of the one you decide to purchase). Baby Tulla is a great starting point with lots of more information on their website about this style of baby carrier. 

9. Sleep Sacks

According to the AAP, you should stop swaddling as soon as your baby shows any signs of trying to roll over. Sometimes this can be as early as 2 months of age. It is common to then transition to a sleep sack, wearable blanket, or baby sleeping bag. A sleep sack is preferred over any loose blanket or other items used to keep baby warm because it falls within the guidelines of safe sleep. Even better, sleep sacks that do not swaddle and allow free movement can be used indefinitely (so no more transitional products are needed!). 


10. Baby Brezza Sterilizer

Recommended by a lot of our followers, the Baby Brezza One Step™ Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer is a game changer when it comes to sterilizing all your pump accessories, bottle accessories, and pacifiers. Not only does it kill 99% of germs, it also dries 33% faster. It has 4 in 1 functionality: Use as Sterilizer Only, Sterilizer and Dryer, Dryer Only, or Storage System. The new advanced version is also modular allowing you to choose from 4 different ways to meet your needs. 

Do you have a favorite baby/toddler product not mentioned? Share and comment below!  

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