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There are so many items to purchase when you become a parent. Looking at many recommended baby registry templates, those items can add up fast. Additionally, if you want to travel with your child, you unavoidably take on the hassle factor of lugging all of your essentials to your vacation destination. Luckily with the new opportunity to rent baby items, you can test out a product or save money by renting short-term. Here is our list of items parents are frequently renting: 

1. Snoo Bassinet: a new parent must-have!

You probably already know about the cutting-edge technology in this smart bassinet that responds to your baby’s cries with a gentle rocking motion and white noise. It can help your baby (and you!) get longer stretches of sleep. You also probably cringed a little when you saw the price tag, especially factoring in that your baby will only use it for a maximum of 6 months. Most rents4baby clients that rent the Snoo bassinet rent it until their child is four months old, and at that time, they are ready to transition them to the crib. Another huge benefit of renting a Snoo with rents4baby is getting the highest quality service along with your rental. We provide in-home set up with a demo of how to use the Snoo (or contactless delivery if preferred), we are available to answer any and all of your questions, we provide technical support for the Snoo and the SNOO App, we include double the swaddles in all three sizes and fitted sheets, and there is no need to store a large Snoo box (22" x 17" x 37") with packaging! Be sure to check out the special discounted pricing for renting for a 3-month rental term.

2. Doona: changing the parenting game!

This is a car seat + stroller in ONE. It converts from a compact stroller to an infant car seat in seconds. If you have a child under 15 months, you need this for your next vacation. Save space in your rental car, make traveling through the airport a breeze, and you don’t need a car seat base to use, making it perfect for Ubers and taxis. The Doona stroller + car seat also has a retractable handle of two lengths. At the shorter length, it is the perfect length for an older sibling or even toddler to help push too. An added cuteness bonus! Check out @rents4baby on Instagram for demo videos so you can see just how easy it is.

3. Baby Bouncer / Swing: where babies are the most selective 

Swings, bouncers, and rockers... oh my! So many different baby seats promising to make your little one content, yet they are usually polarizing. Some moms swear by the Baby Bjorn bouncer. Some say the Mamaroo Rocker is the one for them because of the multiple motion options plus white noise. This is an item that babies can be particular towards, and you just don’t know what they will like until they get to use it. Instead of dropping a lot of money or scouring Facebook marketplace to get one used that may or may not have crusty spit-up on it, renting allows you to figure out what baby likes and if it would be worth the investment. Additionally, a bouncer, swing, rocker are all items your baby will only use for a handful of months.

4. Full-Size portable crib: Home away from home

When you do finally step out “into the unknown... into the unkoooooowwwwn” (cue Frozen 2) of travel, you want to keep what you can the same. Babies thrive on routine and tend to sleep best if you can keep the bedtime routine the same. If your child sleeps in a crib at home, rent one for your trip. We deliver, set up, and pick up your rental crib. Also, we’ve got a full nursery set up, including a sound machine, monitor, changing pad if you want the complete home away from home feeling.

5. Toy Box: hours of entertainment!

When you spend so much time and effort planning your vacation, you actually want to enjoy it. You want your baby/kids to enjoy it too. This Toy Package is a box filled to the brim with toys for your little one. rents4baby tailors the Toy Package to your child’s age and development so that your little one will be happy and learning. There is also an option to split the box for up to three children, so everyone has something to play with.

6. SlumberPod: creating the perfect sleep environment

If you’re here, you probably already know the SlumberPod’s features and benefits. There really is no other item on the market that can effectively create a peaceful and safe sleep environment effortlessly like a SlumberPod. If you would like to try it before you buy, we suggest renting a SlumberPod with rents4baby! If you're ready to purchase a SlumberPod, use our code RENTS4BABY for $20 off your purchase!



Taylor Horn

Taylor and Paige Horn started rents4baby, a baby gear rental platform, to make parenting easier. After getting pregnant with their first child, they saw a need for luxury, quality baby items at an affordable price. After traveling for the first time as parents, they knew that there had to be a better way to travel. Two kids and four years later, rents4baby has helped thousands of families and expanded across the US in 14 states to major metropolitan areas.

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My cousin, her husband, and their baby boy are going to Disney World next weekend but they have no plan to bring all the baby gears due to logistical reasons. As for me, they should hire some suitable items from the right company so their trip can be more bearable. The moment you stated that baby swingers are some of the most effective equipment to help our infant sleep faster, I was pleasantly surprised.

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