Top Tips To Stay On Budget While Traveling With Kids

Whether you want to roam the streets of London, walk through the busy markets in Morocco, or sit on the beach in Thailand, traveling is more expensive with kids. You have to think about extra plane tickets, extra accommodation, extra food, and extra days out to entertain the children. 

Taking trips with your kids while staying on budget requires getting smart. Follow some of the tips outlined in this article, and you can pull off family trips without breaking the bank. 

Think Carefully About Where You Will Go

Being savvy about choosing your holiday destination is one of the most important things to consider. You may be tempted to take the easy route and stay close to home. However, exotic destinations can often end up being much cheaper due to the cost of living in these countries. 

Traveling to South East Asia, Central America, Africa, or Eastern Europe, could save you a ton of money on a long holiday. You will also be experiencing a totally different culture. It will be a completely immersive experience for the whole family. 

Eat In

Food is a significant expense. The cost of eating out, getting drinks, and buying ice creams, can kill your budget. Eating out can be fun, so you don't have to worry about cooking. However, you can save it for a special treat.

As a bare minimum, make sure you always have breakfast at your accommodation. By shopping locally and cooking at your rental or hotel room, you also experience the locally available foods. 

Rent A Private Home

Hotels cost a small fortune. Renting a private space can save money and can be much more convenient. Renting a home will likely mean you have access to a kitchen. You may also have a garden, a terrace, a pool, or other features. 

SlumberPod makes it easy to room-share. It's perfect for taking a vacation with young kids. Using SlumberPod can save you money by not needing to rent a place with extra bedrooms or sleeping spaces. 

Travel During Off-Peak Season 

Traveling during peak season will mean nice weather. It will also mean lots of crowded spaces. You can save a lot of money by traveling when the weather is hotter, or there's more rain. 

In Northern Thailand, for example, the rainy season lasts for six months of the year. However, this usually means intense rain for an hour a day. The rest of the day is perfectly warm and reasonable. If you can deal with this, you could save a lot of cash. 

Traveling out of peak season will save money on transport. Accommodation and day trips are also likely to be cheaper. 

Take Snacks

If you're out all day, the kids will get hungry. If they get hungry, they will probably start getting irritable. Taking snacks with you on day trips is a must. You will save a ton of money by buying some apples or making sandwiches. 

These foods are often a lot healthier than eating out. Also, bringing water bottles everywhere you go is another great money saver.

Make A Holiday Budget

Before you set out on your travels, consider making a detailed travel budget. You can use a spreadsheet or a budgeting app. Note the costs of travel, accommodation, food, day trips, souvenirs, and rental cars or bikes. Once you've set out a budget, stick to it. Only go outside of the budget if it is a genuine emergency. 

Use Budget Airlines

Budget airlines may not be as comfortable, but if you're traveling with a big gang, you will save a lot of money. Always be aware that budget airlines will try to make money in other ways. The savings could be huge if you can travel with carry-on luggage only. However, you will be charged a small ransom for extra luggage. You might also struggle to get any kind of refunds or flight changes. 

Make Memories

Buying souvenirs can be an unnecessary expense. The primary purpose of traveling is to collect experiences and make treasured memories. Most of us already have enough "stuff." Taking lots of photos can be a cheap way to take something from the trip home with you. 

If you do feel that you want a memento, try to buy something from a local artist. This way, you will be supporting their craft and their livelihood. It will be much more meaningful than some tacky fridge magnet. 

Find Free Activities

Many modern cities will offer free walking tours or free entry to museums. Many beautiful nature spots or sites of worship are also free. A lot of venues will offer family discounts. Sometimes kids will be granted free entry if they are traveling with an adult. 

Some parks, theaters, and city attractions will offer certain days where you can visit for free. Planning your trip around these free days can help you to stay on budget. 

Think About Your Phone Bill

Many people forget to plan for their phone usage when they travel. Roaming fees or a lack of service could be a real pain. Check with your phone provider to see if they offer an international plan. If you are taking a longer holiday, consider using a local SIM card. Most countries offer a prepaid plan for tourists. 

Take Some Days To Relax

It can be tempting to try to do and see everything. Not only is this expensive, but it can also be stressful. Taking time to slow down and relax is good for the whole family. Take time to recharge and reflect on all the amazing things you have been doing. Your kids will likely love some family time and don't need to be constantly stimulated with art and architecture. 

In Summary

If you feel that traveling with your kids is going to be out of your budget, try to implement some of these tips. Having life-changing experiences with the whole family doesn't have to cost a small fortune. By saving costs in lots of small ways, you could provide your kids with the trip of a lifetime.  


Ashley Flores

Ashley is an avid traveler , a mother of two  and a writer for Ashley has a real passion for encouraging other
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