7 Tricks NEW Dads Can Use To Help Get Babies to Sleep Effortlessly

Every parent dreams of having a baby that falls to sleep effortlessly and hopefully sleeps through the night.

But we all know that’s rarely possible. Studies show that many new parents get less sleep than they did before the arrival of the baby. From the studies, only 10% of the parents managed to get the same amount of sleep after the baby was born! Imagine that!

The truth is if your baby does not sleep well, or you have problems putting them to sleep, you will not get the amount of sleep you want or deserve. And you need enough sleep to also function well as a parent. The last thing your baby needs when they wake up is a fussy and agitated father. 

So, is there hope for new dads who want to put their babies to sleep hassle-free? We have all the information!

Fortunately, there are tricks new dads can use to put their precious little ones to sleep. So if you are a new dad and struggling with a sleepless baby, here’s what you need to try:

Keep Baby Active 

An active baby is a tired baby, and a tired baby is a sleepy baby. So you need to give your baby enough physical and mental exercise and stimulation when they are awake. 

One of the most common and tested routines is tummy time. To do this, position your baby on their tummy for few minutes. Ensure the baby is wide awake for this exercise and under your supervision. 

Tummy time not only gives your baby the necessary exercise but also helps them improve their motor skills and strengthen their shoulder and neck muscles. 

A Little Massage Goes A Long Way

Yes, babies could use a little massaging. And it goes a long way in helping them relax after a long day. In addition, massages help get the baby’s circadian rhythms in line, which influences his or her mental and physical changes. This way, your baby can stay active during the day and sleep soundly at night. 

Adjust Their Sleeping Space 

If the baby’s sleeping environment is not conducive, they will have a hard time falling asleep. Think about adding some soothing lullaby or music. A little white noise will also come in handy. Too much light will interfere with their sleep, so get a new set of dark curtains or a SlumberPod to block any disturbing light. 

Have a Napping Schedule 

And stick to it, no matter what happens. Your baby’s napping schedule needs to be consistent, including the napping venue. Too many changes will only agitate them, which messes with their sleeping pattern. 

Put Them To Bed Early 

While babies spend most of their time sleeping, it is best to put them to bed early. Unfortunately, many new parents assume that putting their little ones to bed late at night translates to a late morning waking routine. 

However, this will only lead to short bursts of sleep and more disruptions at night. An early bedtime routine means they sleep through the night, and you don’t have to struggle to make them fall asleep again. 

Don’t Lay Them In The Crib Too Late 

By a little too late, we mean when they have fallen soundly asleep. It will only disrupt their sweet sleep, agitate them, and you will be dealing with a fussy, sleepy baby. 

As you try to soothe the baby to sleep, keep an eye on them; When you realize they are on the brink of falling asleep, gently place them on the crib. Do not wait until they have already fallen asleep. 

Make it Fun

Being a fun dad does not only keep your baby entertained when they are awake but can also come in handy when you need to put them to sleep effortlessly. 

When it comes to your baby’s sleeping, you need to incorporate soothing things like holding them in your arms and rocking them. First, you can start with fast but gentle movements, then slow down as they get used to the movements and settle down. This will soothe them to sleep. 

A fun thing to incorporate here would be singing to them. Of course, your voice doesn’t need to be that of a star. But gentle sounds from you, in the absence of music, can help lull them to sleep. Besides, it also helps them get used to your voice. 

You can also try to read to them. They might not understand the story right now, but reading to babies helps ease them into dreamland. Plus, if you make it a routine, they can get used to knowing this is a signal for bedtime. 

While it is a common belief that sleeping as a parent is nearly impossible or that putting a baby to sleep is a lot of work, we tend to believe otherwise. With the above seven tricks, new dads can use to help get babies to sleep effortlessly, and you can do just that. Put your baby to sleep EFFORTLESSLY! 

Mo Mulla

Mo Mulla is a work-from-home dad who enjoys reading and listening to music. He loves being a dad and husband to a growing family. Mulla loves writing about his passions and hopes to change the world, one blog post at a time! You can find his parenting blog here: http://www.parentalquestions.com/



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