Fun Never Stops with SlumberPod!

Don't put off adventure after you have children. Making family memories is so important for parents and children. SlumberPod is here to help!

You can take SlumberPod wherever you take your playard. It's lightweight (less than 6 pounds) and fits in carry-on luggage! Some customers even pack it inside their playard case making it extremely easy to travel with.

Here’s a FUN list of places you can use your SlumberPod:

  • Glamping in a fancy cabin overlooking a beautiful scenery
  • Your weekend trip to an Airbnb, with the blinds open waiting for the sunrise
  • Sleepovers at the grandma and grandpa's house
  • Taking that cruise you've always dreamed of — even with two SlumberPods
  • Urban Living in your high rise in small spaces (SlumberPod fits beautifully over a mini-crib)
  • Inside your RV, camper or houseboat (check the picture above!)
  • Napping during a long layover in an airport
  • Traveling with your professional athlete spouse or partner

The possibilities are endless. What's on your family's bucket list? 
Every positive experience creates a fond memory.  Let SlumberPod make your next trip a true vacation ... even if your trip is next door to watch football 🏈 on a weekend afternoon with your friends.

We'd love to hear from you!
Add to our list of places you can go or you've already been with SlumberPod. Email and share your story and pictures. You could be chosen for our customer spotlight. 

Here's to more nighty nights!

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