How To Care for Your New Baby While Launching a Company

There is no greater joy in life than welcoming a new baby into your world. It is a huge milestone that marks an exciting change in your life's journey. If you find yourself juggling a new business simultaneously, how can you adjust to your additional role as a parent while also accomplishing your work goals? Here are a few simple strategies and tools that can help you find the right balance to succeed at both.

Establish a Consistent Routine

A routine is beneficial for both you and your new child. Babies thrive and gain security from the predictability of a regular schedule. Similarly, a consistent structure to your day makes it easier to get work done because you can schedule your most intense tasks for times when your baby is sleeping.

If you are uncertain how much sleep your infant needs or wonder how best to structure it, don't despair. There are many online guides and sample schedules to get you started.

Keep Your Baby Nearby

When you bring home an infant, it's natural for you to want close contact. Consider setting up a portable bassinet or even a SlumberPod in your office so you can keep an eye on your sleeping baby. Knowing your child is safely nearby increases your peace of mind and frees you up to focus on your work.

Another good option is baby-wearing. This practice involves using a sling, wrap, or carrier to hold your infant against your body while you do other tasks. If you find it difficult to type while wearing your baby, software options and apps allow for hands-free dictation.

Utilize Apps and Gadgets

It may surprise you to learn that help is available at the touch of a finger from apps designed to assist young parents.

  • BabyGoGo provides helpful information, a way to record your infant's growth, and a system that stores medical information.
  • Baby+ lets you set a schedule for your baby, track your little one's development and keep a record of milestones.
  • The Wonder Weeks provides insight into your newborn’s week-by-week cognitive development.
  • BabyTime allows you to track feedings, sleep, diaper changes, and baths, and it then generates graphs to illustrate your child’s natural rhythm.
  • Helpr can provide you with an experienced childcare provider on short notice.
  • Sittercity helps you connect with a babysitter that can solve your childcare needs.

There are also plenty of gadgets to help with your recent baby, including video monitors, smart no-touch thermometers, heartbeat sound machines, multi-motion infant seats, air-quality monitors, and heart rate trackers.

Stay Comfortable and Professional

Running a business and tending to a newborn can leave life a bit chaotic. And if you’re trying to manage a baby and regular Zoom meetings, finding ways to stay comfortable while looking professional can be challenging. If you’re working from home, you’re in luck. There are plenty of loose-fitting clothing options that lend a professional look. Opt for stretch jeans or easy-wear leggings, tunic tops, breathable nursing tees, soft cardigans, and a blazer. These easy go-to’s can keep you feeling less restricted and leave you with one less stressor to manage. 

File for LLC Status

According to this blog post from ZenBusiness, one work task you may want to prioritize is establishing your company as an LLC. This status provides flexibility, tax benefits, and protection for your personal assets. Consider using an online formation service to file. By doing this, you can save money on lawyer fees and ensure that all state-specific regulations have been followed.

If you start a business while simultaneously adjusting to life with a new baby, you can find a happy balance. By establishing a routine, keeping your infant nearby, and taking advantage of the many available resources aimed at helping new parents, you'll soon settle into the rhythm needed to succeed personally and professionally.

Jenna Sherman

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