Parenting Hack: Make Your Life Easier by Renting Baby Gear For Your Next Trip

Rent baby gear, say what? Yes! If you haven't heard, renting baby gear instead of having to pack, carry and tow along your personal things has become a very popular option for traveling families. Below we will discuss the details of renting baby gear, including the benefits, how renting baby gear works, how to find a trustworthy baby gear rental company, and more.

Why Renting Baby Equipment is Worth It

Imagine loading up all of your little one's things: a stroller, a crib or playard, a car seat, toys, and so forth, in addition to your bags and the rest of your family's bags. That is a lot of luggage to carry and travel with! If you are planning to fly, that is a bunch of luggage to pack and check and likely additional baggage fees.

Now imagine only having to pack your main bags without grabbing all that extra baby gear. Then, you are met at your vacation destination with the baby equipment you need, including a safe place for your baby to sleep. Did you know many rental companies even rent SlumberPod products!?

Renting baby equipment takes the hassle out of bringing your own baby gear with you on your trip. It is a service of convenience that also offers moms the flexibility to choose what baby gear, including model and brand, they prefer at their vacation destination. You can arrange to have the baby gear rentals delivered to your vacation rental, hotel, private residence, or even the airport.

Most Rented Baby Gear Items

 Row of strollers

Many parents take advantage of renting baby equipment through a rental service before they arrive at their vacation destination. Parents can rent practically anything they will need for their little ones while on vacation. Below are some of the most rented baby gear items for babies and toddlers, including cribs, strollers, pack-n-plays, toys, and more. 

Full-Size Cribs

If any baby item is going to make your vacation or stay better, it’s a baby crib! When babies sleep well on vacation, everyone gets to rest, relax and recharge. Help keep your little ones on a good sleep schedule by renting a standard-sized baby crib.


Strollers are a top-rented item, and many baby gear rental companies offer a variety of popular models with features that most parents are looking for. Parents can choose from a single stroller or double stroller, which may even come with a free rain cover. Umbrella strollers and jogging strollers are also available.

Car Seats

Rather than hauling your car seat(s) to the airport, look for a baby gear rental company that can meet you there with car seats for your kiddos. The safety of children is of the highest priority, so baby gear rental companies like BabyQuip will make sure you receive the correct-sized car seats and seats that are safely cleaned and not recalled or expired.

High Chairs

Renting a high chair or booster seat will free up your hands and allow you to enjoy your meals while on vacation. Recreating an eating environment similar to home will make meal times go more smoothly.


It’s a great idea to also rent a toy bin on vacation. Kids love new toys, and a book and toy packages make for very fun playtime on happy family vacations! Baby gear rental companies offer toy bins customized to your child's age and preferences.


Playards are great alternatives to cribs if you need the flexibility of taking them with you while moving locations on your vacation.

How Renting Baby Gear Works

Family being introduced to their baby rental products

Renting baby gear is as simple as online shopping. To rent the gear you need, you must make a reservation with the baby gear rental site of your choosing. Most baby gear rental sites will first ask where you are traveling to (your travel destination) and when you are traveling there (dates of your trip). From there, you can view baby rentals available for your destination and dates.

As you browse, you can add baby gear items to your online cart, just like online shopping. At checkout, you can choose your preferred delivery time. When the order is complete, you can expect to receive a reservation confirmation, just as you would if you booked with a hotel or Airbnb.

On your delivery day, your rented baby gear will be dropped off at your specified delivery location and time. Deliveries often happen at vacation rentals (i.e. Airbnb), private residences (maybe grandma’s house), hotels, resorts, and even at your preferred airport or car rental location.

Many baby gear rental companies will offer to show you how to use the baby gear and set it up for you if you prefer. With that being said, most rental companies are not allowed to set up or install car seats, due to liability reasons. Once your rental period is over, the baby gear rental company will return to pick up your rentals.

Overall, the whole experience should be easy and convenient, allowing you to focus more on your vacation itinerary and less on your packing list.

How to Find the Perfect Baby Gear Rental Company

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When renting baby gear, safety and cleanliness are paramount. Before each reservation delivery, every stroller, crib, and baby rental must be cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards. When searching for a reputable baby gear company, look for one that holds cleanliness and safety to the highest standard. BabyQuip’s Trust and Safety initiatives and Cleaning Standards are great examples of a baby gear rental company focusing on safety and cleanliness.

The rental website should explain exactly how baby gear is cleaned. It should also make note of monitoring baby gear for recalls and expiration dates. Baby gear, especially car seats, have very specific cleaning requirements. It’s essential to look for a company that understands and follows these guidelines.

For extra peace of mind, working with a baby gear rental company with general liability insurance of $1M or more is best so that every rental will be covered or insured.

Another thing to look for in a baby gear rental company is to see how widespread their services are. Can they provide rentals at your vacation destination, even if it is an international trip? Are there multiple rental locations along your route if you are driving?

In addition, baby gear rental companies should offer flexibility with delivery and pick-up windows. As a convenience service, you should work with a company that can schedule around your preferred dates and times. Confirm with the company or provider that they will provide you with a brief delivery or pick-up window to ensure you aren’t left waiting long for your baby gear which could interfere with your travel plans.


Baby quip delivery person and van

One of the things we hear most from BabyQuip customers is that the expense of renting is well worth it because of the reduced stress and effort. Parents and grandparents don’t have to think about how they will pack and tow bulky baby gear items. If driving, renting baby gear frees up an impressive amount of space in the vehicle, making it easier to load the rest of your personal items and have more breathing room for your passengers.

To wrap up, renting gear rather than packing and hauling your own gear saves time, reduces stress, and makes planning vacations (like a magical trip to Disney in Orlando) much simpler—allowing your family to focus on precious time spent together and making memories.


Nicole Kitzman

Guest blog courtesy of Nicole Kitzman of BabyQuip. Find the perfect rentals with BabyQuip. BabyQuip has operated since 2016 and serves over 1000 cities across the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Australia. Click here to learn more about BabyQuip’s offerings, differentiators, and how short-term baby gear rentals work. Use code SLUMBER to save $20 off your next BabyQuip rental of $100+. Code is valid in any country BabyQuip rents baby gear.

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