Tips for Planning a Real Vacation to Disney

Many people planning a get-away with babies, toddlers or small children may feel like the event is a ‘trip’ or a chore rather than a true ‘vacation.’ As travel planners specializing in Disney, we are here to help make your dreams of a wonderful family vacation a reality. Disney is great for all ages and there is something for everyone! 

The most often asked question among the preschool set is “what is the best age to take the kids to Disney?” The answer is simple ... every age!  Here are some points to consider as you make your plans:

Younger than 18 months

This age is great because (for the most part) they sit in a stroller, take in all the wondrous sites, and are there for the ride. Sure — the little ones might not remember much, but you will never forget the sheer happiness on their face clapping along to It’s a Small World! You may want to include grandparents for a helping hand, especially if there are older siblings. 

Under 3 years

The most important thing to know is that kids are FREE under 3! Free for park tickets and free for dining. Sneak in a trip for them right before their third birthday, and you’re golden! They may need one long nap a day but are often not held to such a schedule like when they are younger. We took my son to Disney World at 2.5 years old, and we would spend the morning at Magic Kingdom, then when he passed out in the stroller around 3 — we would go to Epcot. He woke up in a different park three days in a row! 

Ages 5-8 years

This is the sweet spot. Most kids are easier by this age, at least in terms of eating and sleeping. You can be up early and stay out later, enjoying the magic of the parks at night. And you now have a partner on the more ‘thrilling’ rides! 

Advice for all ages

One of the most important things is, to be honest with yourself about your family’s schedules and routines. Some kids are more go-with-the-flow from a young age, while others need their sleep on a schedule (and who can blame them?). 

For younger ones, be honest about whether your child will nap in a stroller or, if really young — babywear in a sling or wrap. Otherwise, plan to take a midday break in the hotel room. Our little ones were up at 6 am and napping in the room by 10 am. If this is the case with your family, I suggest planning a character breakfast, get that nap in (consider SlumberPod  to help block distractions), and then hit the parks up in the afternoon. 

While it is hard to keep a schedule exactly like what you do at home, planning in advance about how to handle these challenges is best for everyone involved. Remember: crabby kids = crabby adults, or phrased differently: when baby is happy, everyone is happy!

Of course, each age has its pros and cons. With the help of an expert travel planner (wink wink), you can make the most of your Disney Vacation at any age. Here are some advantages to working with us: 

  • Vacation package tailored to your family and needs.
    We use our expertise to create the best vacation for YOUR family. Disney is not a one-size-fits-all place, so what worked for your friend might not be right for you. We work closely with you to make your wish list and budget, and then we make it happen!
  • We handle all reservations.
    We have you covered! You can RELAX and sleep-in each day, while we are up at 6 am to reserve your dining and 7 am to book your FastPasses.
  • Moms with many years of Disney experience.
    We know Disney, and from a mom's perspective — we've done it all and are experts on the theme parks, bonus activities, resorts, and cruises. As Disney insiders, we know the best planning tips, tricks, deals, and hacks to help plan the vacation of your dreams.
  • No cost to you! That’s right ... our service is FREE!
    As official Disney Planners, we get paid directly from Disney, and YOU get the benefit!  

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Regina Saake 
Marketing Manager
ET Family Travel
Making Magical Memories for your family 




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