SlumberPod Pet

Testimonials - Pet Parent & Pet Approved!

I was surprised when our SlumberPod Pet arrived how small and lightweight it was in the carrying case! It was easy to set up and super dark inside (which we need). Most importantly, Milo loves it! He kept going back to his crate throughout the day when things got noisy in the house. I could tell he felt safe in it!! We had planned to use it for travel but I think we're going to keep using it at home as Milo has already claimed it as his own."

Nancy M., Lakeland, TN

We have a rescue puppy that is 10 years old with major separation anxiety. She will get into all kinds of mischief when left alone. Our vet suggested crating her to provide her the security she's missing. Her name is Grace and she loves her crate but in the last 2 years, we have adopted a Dachshund mix and we got away from the crate. Recently we tried the SlumberPod Pet and BOTH our girls are again in love with their crate. Many times I will find them cuddled up snug as a bug in their crate now. They love it so much that we are buying a second one for grandma's house. We LOVE our SlumberPod Pet!!

Ann-Marie M., Columbus, GA