6 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well While Traveling

Keep in mind: the energy you give off
is the energy your baby receives.

— Natalie Carney, Sleep Consultant

If you have an upcoming event, trip, or a much-needed vacation, you may be wondering how this temporary change will affect your baby’s sleep schedule. You might even feel a little unsure on what to pack and how to handle it … or, you may even be avoiding with baby traveling altogether for fear that the change of routine will throw everyone’s sleep off.

To ease your mind and set you up for sleeping success, I’ve compiled a top 5 list of advice to help your baby sleep well while traveling:

1. Keep a Routine

Try to have the same nap time and bedtime each day, and night, if possible. I also recommend keeping baby on the same sleeping schedule he or she has at home. This can help babies to automatically sense when it’s time to nap and/or sleep.

2. Create a Peaceful Environment

Things are already different - and probably a little stressful — for babies during this time, so playing peaceful music (during playtime), speaking softly around them, and generally keeping a calm and dim environment (especially at nap time and bedtime) is the best thing you can do for them and their sleep.

3. Bring Your Baby’s Favorite Toy and/or Blanket

Or any other item(s) they've deemed as their favorite. This will be a symbol of stability, routine, and calm for them, and it’s a bonus if this item helps them to fall asleep.

4. Keep the Room Dark

One of the biggest challenges of traveling with a baby is making the room dark enough for sleep. A dark room can help to promote sleep for both naps and nighttime sleep. Most often your options are putting your little one in a closet or a bathroom — or in with you — which means you go to bed with the chickens. Instead, bring your own temporary blackout blinds or SlumberPod to help recreate a dark space they are used to at home. If your baby is used to a noise machine, bring that along as well.

5. If You Think You Should Pack It, Pack It.

This includes their favorite toys, pacifiers, bottles, etc. — whatever works at home to put your baby to sleep, bring or do it while traveling, too. Paying to check an extra bag will be worth it for the additional sleep and peace of mind.

6. Make adjustments for different time zones

Sometime shifting your routine is beneficial to preserving your child’s sleep. If you are traveling to a different time zone, you will want to shift your child’s schedule to accommodate the time of the country you are in. Do this by re-setting your child’s body clock with the sunrise. You can thing resume your normal schedule. Be flexible though as it may take your child a few days to adjust.


Remember: every baby is different, so they will likely each have specific things that work for them to fall asleep, especially when they’re away from home. Travel is different for them, too, and they’ll probably be just as excited as you are!

Keep in mind: the energy you give off is the energy your baby receives. If you seem excited, stressed, happy, annoyed, etc., they will most likely mirror this attitude; so try to keep things peaceful, calm, but still new and adventurous. This way, you’ll ensure the perfect travel experience.

Safe travels, and sweet dreams!



Guest post by Natalie Carney, co-founder of Slumberosity and certified baby sleep consultant and infant care specialist


Note: Guest blog posts are shared for informational and educational purposes and may not reflect the official policy or position of SlumberPod (parent company, Dovetail Essentials, LLC), our employees and/or contractors. 


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