Tips to Get Your Little One Used to Their New SlumberPod

Hey there, Sleep Adventurers! 🌙

So, you've got your hands on a shiny new Slumberpod—congrats! Get ready to take your sleep game to the next level with these tips and tricks for maximizing your nightly bliss.

1.Pod Placement Perfection: Position your Slumberpod in the ideal spot within your room. Find that sweet spot where it's not too close to the crib or bed, allowing for proper airflow while still providing a cozy nook for uninterrupted sleep.
2.Make sure your baby is comfortable using the pod in advance of your trip: We rounded up some feedback from customers on how to best prepare your baby for sleeping in his or her new sleep accessory:
    • Set up the pod at home before your trip so you know how it works before your baby is overtired and on the brink of a meltdown after a long day of travel! The printed instructions are sewn into the draw-string carrying bag or can be downloaded here. Check the video above for a visual overview!
    • Make sure poles are fully assembled (fitted together to make one long straight pole ensuring joints are joined securely) before putting the ends in the pole pockets located at each of the four corners of SlumberPod next to the floor. Help lift up the apex (where the two poles cross) with your hand while securing each pole end in the pole pockets. And don't bend the poles with force as the poles are sturdy but not indestructible. Need help with how the SlumberPod Fan is positioned for increased airflow? Watch our short video

    • Put the SlumberPod in the living room for your kid(s) to explore.
    • Offer your children the chance to role play with SlumberPod by getting a doll or stuffed animal ready for bed, and then tucking it in for a great night in SlumberPod.
    • Allow your child to help set-up to disassemble SlumberPod so that they feel ownership over the sleep space. "Jobs" for older toddlers could include holding one pole while you insert the other, straightening out the fabric, or zipping up the window once you've got it set up!
    • If possible, have your child sleep in their playard and SlumberPod at home before traveling. We suggest trying at bedtime first as your little one is more tired at this time. Sleep consultants recommend having the room dark when putting your little one in SlumberPod the first few times to mimic their routine sleep cues.
    • If your baby or toddler is nervous about zipping the main zipper closed, try letting them sleep the first time or two with the zipper open or partially open — then they may be more comfortable zipping it later.
    • You can also let your baby fall asleep with the zipper open or partially open, then zip it up after he/she falls asleep. SlumberPod works well to block light even with the zipper open so long as that side is positioned away from the light source.
    • For older toddlers who may not transition to SlumberPod as well, consider allowing them to have a timer flashlight or night light so they can relax inside with a dim light.

3. Dream Team: Don't forget to enlist the help of your SlumberPod Dream Team—favorite stuffed animals, cozy blankets, and beloved bedtime books—to accompany your little one on their journey to dreamland.

It's important to remember that while change is “no problem” for some babies, other little ones may need a transition plan that includes some of these steps above. The key is to make sure you are positive and happy when trying SlumberPod with your baby — they may take cues from you on how to react! With your SlumberPod by your side, the possibilities for dreamy nights are endless!

Happy Sleeping!

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- Amelie

OMG! I just spoiled my self by ordering a Slumber Pod!!! Can’t wait to receive it, hopefully before Christmas ;)

- Molly

I am anxiously awaiting the ”slumberpod” -but, if the customer care I’ve received so far is any indication-I think I will be pleased!

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