Travel Tips for SlumberPod Families

It's travel time! If this is your first time traveling with a little one, it's really important to keep in mind that it will be different, but it will be a wonderful time to make memories. 


Naps:  When it comes to traveling, we tend to be on the move a little bit more. We encourage you to prioritize at least one of their naps a day, where possible. If you can focus on nap one or two being in their sleep space so they can have a fair attempt at quality sleep, this is a great idea. If your babe is only on one nap, then where possible, offering this nap in their sleep space would be great; this will not only allow for easier days but also will help to keep their nights on track. When out and about, the main aim is to get them a nap around the time it's due, whether in the car, stroller, or carrier.


Plan ahead with plenty of time: Be mindful of overscheduling. "Rush is the thief of joy." Plan for some slower moments if possible so the holiday is enjoyable for all. Be sure to plan with extra time and anticipate some delays. 


Bedtimes: Where possible, we recommend popping your little one down around their usual bedtime or awake time so that everyone is well-rested for the next day. However, don't shy away from the occasional late-night dinner if this is something you wish to do. You can either offer your little one a late last nap or attempt to get your little one to sleep when out and transfer once home. 


Jetlag - When dealing with jet lag, I recommend adopting a low-key approach during night-time hours, even if your child is awake and you need to engage them in play. The key is to create a serene atmosphere with dimmed lights and a calm demeanour to discourage them from fully waking up. During the daytime, it's crucial to ensure your little ones are up and about at a reasonable hour, ideally by 8:00 AM. This shift in waking time helps establish a routine in their new location. Maximizing safe exposure to early sunlight and keeping curtains and blinds open in living areas during the daytime aids in this transition. It's important to note that adjusting to different time zones can take five to seven days.


Comfort Items - Bringing familiar items from home can be a great way to ease transitions while on holidays. So, this might be their lovey, comforter, white noise, their own sheets, etc. Not forgetting the space is to be conducive to sleep, so make sure to regulate the temperature, darken the room, and make it free of distractions. This is where SlumberPod is a fantastic item to create a sleep space conducive to good sleep for your little one to enjoy quality sleep. 


Confidence is key - It will be really important to stay confident when you put your little ones down in their new sleep space, as they will be picking up on your energy. I would keep the bedtime lead-up as you usually would. Stay consistent, calm, and confident. You've got this!


Business as usual - Now, remember, if your little one can sleep at home, they can in a new environment. If they are struggling, don't worry, we can help! Do you need to start playing new roles to get them off to sleep, or can you continue doing what you usually do at home? It's important to give your baby the opportunity to see if they will go to sleep as they normally would. If you need to step in and play more of a role or support your little one, then you can. But let's start small by perhaps some verbal reassurance, or in cot comfort, such as a little pat, to see if they will settle as they usually do. 


Toddlers- For toddlers, it will be important to ensure you don't suddenly start bending too many rules around bedtime. Keep their bedtime lead-up as normal as possible and hold usual boundaries around the bed; this will help them feel more secure. 

If your toddler is used to sleeping in their own sleep space, I recommend continuing this, where possible, on holiday too. Co-sleeping on holiday may result in having pushback when returning home and popping them back into their bed. 


Hold a moment: If your little one awakens at night, allow them to go back to sleep themselves, just as you would at home, and of course, if they need you, then you can support them.



Safe travels and happy sleeping,


Tara Mitchell


The Gentle Sleep Specialist


About the Author:


Tara Mitchell

Tara Mitchell, a former Pediatric Nurse turned leading Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, passionately helps families worldwide navigate the early years. A mother of three with over 16 years in the professional space working with little ones, Tara brings firsthand experience and empathy to her work. With expertise in Circle of Security parenting and a holistic approach, The Gentle Sleep Specialist team has successfully assisted tens of thousands of clients globally, tailoring sleep programs that consider the whole child. Her commitment to ongoing education in infant and children's development and mental health underscores her dedication to ensuring families thrive during the early years.



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