Why Every Parent Should Consider Using a SlumberPod

As parents, we know proper and quality sleep is essential for our little ones. Besides getting cranky the next day after a bad night's sleep or skipping a nap, sticking to a sleeping routine promotes their growth and overall well-being. However, getting a good night's sleep can be a challenge, especially if we're in the middle of some life-changing event, such as moving or traveling. Fortunately, this is where SlumberPod comes in. This innovative product is designed to help your child sleep better (AKA making your life easier). And in today's blog post, we'll explore why every parent should consider using a SlumberPod for their children.
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What is a SlumberPod?

Before we dive into all the benefits of SlumberPod, let's first define what it is. A SlumberPod is a portable blackout pod that fits over mini cribs, playards, and inflatable toddler mattresses. SlumberPod has a convenient travel case and is easy to set up and take down. Moreover, SlumberPod is made of breathable fabric and includes ventilation flaps that ensure your child's comfort throughout the night. 

Now that we know what SlumberPod is, let's talk about its use in the middle of a moving process. As we all know, moving can be a stressful time for families, especially if you have young children. But on the other hand, creating a familiar environment is one of the best ways to help your child adjust to their new surroundings. 

Consequently, this is where SlumberPod might come in handy. By bringing it with you when you move, you'll ensure your child has a comfortable and familiar sleeping space (wherever you may temporarily need to set up their sleep space). Therefore, assembling your SlumberPod should be your top priority right after moving in. Then, once you settle down, there are many things to take care of after the move. If you're prepared in advance, your child's sleep doesn't have to be one of them.

Now let's jump to the point and explore why it's a good idea for parents to consider using a SlumberPod. 

The benefits of using a SlumberPod

As you may have realized, SlumberPod is a valuable and practical solution that helps you and your little one. Apart from ensuring quality sleep, it will also allow you the ability to tackle tasks you wouldn’t be able to without it (think: lights on in hotel room, painting walls during nap time, etc.). Therefore, SlumberPod will give you peace of mind and the ability to relax, knowing your little one won't be waking from distractions or light during sleep.

It helps your child sleep better.

One of the most significant benefits of owning a SlumberPod is that it helps your child sleep better. SlumberPod is designed with stretchy, breathable, nearly blackout fabric to create a dark sleeping environment that is vital for a good night's sleep. On the contrary, when your child is in a bright and noisy room, it might be challenging for them to settle down, let alone fall asleep.

It's easy to travel with

Another benefit of SlumberPod is that it's super easy to travel with. It is lightweight, compact, and easily fits into a suitcase or carry-on bag when disassembled. Whether taking a road trip or flying across the country, this product will make your life easier.

Parents with two children packing their car for travel.

Reduces the risk of overstimulation

Some children experience overstimulation when traveling due to new sights, sounds, and experiences. Consequently, it can make it a real challenge for your child to settle down and fall asleep after a long day of overstimulating activities. With SlumberPod, you'll ensure your little one a familiar and calming environment, allowing them to get the rest they need.

It pays for itself after a few uses.

Moving on to practicalities, investing in a SlumberPod is an excellent purchase for parents. Unlike most baby products that lifetime use only lasts a few months, SlumberPod works for little ones four months old, but it also works with children up to five years old! SlumberPod can also save you money because now you can room share with your little one when traveling vs. having to purchase additional sleeping space or room.

It helps maintain your kid's sleep schedule.

When you're going through a change with children, whether relocation or traveling, it can be tough to maintain their sleep schedule. If you also happen to be crossing time zones, getting your little one to sleep at their usual time can be very challenging.

Luckily, SlumberPod can help you create a consistent sleep environment, which ultimately helps maintain your little one’s sleep schedule. Keeping your child on their schedule in most circumstances will help prevent them from being over-tired or irritable.

A little girl sleeping on her white cushion represents how vital a sleep schedule is.

Final words on why you should consider using a SlumberPod

In conclusion, every parent should consider purchasing a SlumberPod, whether you're taking your family on a vacation trip or visiting relatives, SlumberPod will be your best friend if you want your child (and your entire family) to have a good night's sleep. 

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